About Bluenotes

This site is devoted to Basketball.  College, FIBA, Olympic, and sadly…the pros.  Primary coverage is college basketball, Big East basketball, and of course…Creighton Bluejay basketball.  Alternative coverages will include auto updates on FIBA, Olympic hoops, and Overseas (non-NBA Pro) basketball.  The NBA gets enough glory, but occasionally an NBA update may occur, especially if a Creighton pro is involved.

History –

Bluenotes was begun back in 2008, as an offshoot (an unaffiliated and unoffical) Creighton Bluejay fansite.  Even on the other bbs’ of the time, gtmoBlue’s rants had always been long, windy, controverisal, and contrarían in nature.  The birthing of this site was inevitable.  Even back then folks were worn thin with the rants, so Bluenotes was created.  The site has remained fairly consistent over time and now seemed a good time for an upgrade, hence this move to WordPress and a fresh site.

The sole Big Board from 2000+ through 2010 or so was FreddyMac’s Bluejaycafe (BJC)(board now deceased), though several single person blogs added color, content, and alternative opinión.  BJC was sold and moved to Rivals.com.  In 2014, Rivals withdrew it’s contract and BJC is now out east with it’s owner.  Rivals awarded a contract to the Omaha radio guys – BlueJay Banter, who now run the Bluejay Banter Rivals board.  Several of the independent guys banded together in 2011 to form the White and Blue Review.  WBR is currently the Big Board and does a great job.  Tenth St Blues came and went.  Bluejay Zone is active, and Scout.com’s Bluejay Report is still active.  There may be a couple of others.  Hardly any real Creighton fans frequent any of the major media fanpages.

Hide your wives & girlfriends.

          Booker Woodfox: Woodfox for 3!

Moving Forward –

Since the move to the Big East in 2013, many newcomer, Jenny-come-lately, fair weather “fans” have come aboard the good ship Bluejay.  Most couldn’t find Creighton if you sat them inside the Kiewit Center.  But online is a numbers game…so welcome.  That said, WordPress offers all the bells and whistles, including feedback.  so we hope you enjoy the new Bluenotes and Forum, continue to follow and participate as we forge ahead.  Change and progress will muddle along:  All ahead full, come right to a heading of 147, 2nd star to the right.




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