Creighton 2020-2021 Season recap

Season ends in Sweet Sixteen to #1 and Top Seeded Gonzaga

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It turned out to be a pretty good season.

Congrats to my Jays on a great season. With Covid, game cancellations, game rescheduling, and all the rest, it was a very good season amid all of the uncertainties.

1st SS since ’74 and all. Good job Jays…3 games in the Dance so picked up some credits, Nice. Made a SS Run and acquitted ourselves well in the Dance. Well done Bluejays!

NCAA Tourney 2021 – Creighton v Gonzaga


It isย unconscionableย to me that we whiffed on the 2020-21 Big East RS Championship AND the BET Championship!
Opportunities such as those don’t arrive annually (unless you live in Radnor Township) andย to whiff on BOTH is unacceptable.

There is no trophy for a SS run, so history will show 000’s for the 20-21 season.

ANY TEAM that gets a championship opportunity MUST take advantage of the opportunity as it is so fleeting…(congrats Hoyas!) Jays and Mac must do better. Who knows when we may get another championship opportunity. Next season will probably have some falloff as we will be a very young team.

It has been a good year for Creighton Basketball, but the 2020-21 season had the potential to be even sweeter.

Championships define programs… as does failing to capitalize on opportunities.


NCAA Tournament Edition

Jays in the Sweet 16

Omaha World Herald photo

Well, wonders never cease to amaze. Lil’ Creighton has finally broken through the glass ceiling and reached the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tourney. Mark the date: Monday, March 22, 2021. Jays back to their 1st SS since 1974 (25 team tourney).

Creighton weathered an extremely close contest vs UC Santa Barbara in the 1st Round, 63-62. After shaking off the rust, they then cruised in over U of Ohio 72-58 in the second round.

It appeared that our fans were definitely more excited by the progression than the team. lol

Following the game, Marcus spoke with AP’s Aaron Beard: ”It’s a phenomenal feeling,” Zegarowski said. ”This is a two-year kind of thing for us. We had it taken away from us last year. Everything we’ve been through this year is for moments like this, and I’m happy we capitalized and came through.

”But you know, we’re not done yet. This just the start.”

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Up next on Sunday, March 28th, is the top tourney seed and #1 Gonzaga Bulldogs. Jays are a 13 pt underdog going into the game.

ESPN and NCAA/Andy Katz have CU re-seeded as #16 for the SS. Others have CU as 11th and 12th. When mentioned at all, Creighton is receiving little respect. No one is picking the Jays, for the obvious reason of facing the top seed/#1 team in the land.

No one (NCAA champion) has gone undefeated since Indiana in 1976. It will not happen this year. History will be maintained and the eventual champ will have a defeat (or more).

As one of the decided minority of folks, aside from the contrarian sports bettors out there, I’m going with my guys.

Creighton 79 – Zags 75. As stated by some, not the biggest of upsets seen in this tourney, but one of the most daunting.