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Denzel tests the Waters…

…for Evaluation with intent to return to the team.




Mahoney declares for NBA Draft with intent to get their evaluation and return to the team.

Denzel Mahoney @denzel_mahoney·

Appears to be the routine Jr. season move on his part.  No cause for alarm.  Coach alluded to possibly 1-2 more players choosing to seek an NBA Evaluation this year.

Andy Katz
The shutdown has brought some NBA players home.


is at home, doing chores.

and Doug on

, the NBA draft and what basketball movie Doug had never seen, shocking Greg.


NCAA March Madness

Folks are outta here…

Biggest turnover I can remember in recent times!



Spring time.  Trees have budded, and the cherry trees are already in blossom.  Springtime…time for love.  Time for fresh plans.  Time to recruit freshman and transfers.

I can’t remember a recent turnover more significant than this years’.  Heading out the door are significant players with remaining eligibility.  Davion Mintz, Jalen Windham, and Ty-Shon Alexander.  Kelvin Jones also leaves after depleting his college eligibility.  This Creighton team is deep, so these departures do not deplete the squad, but definitely put a damper on the current prognostications.


The Jays finished the season #7 Nationally and the great percentage of preseason posts for 2020-21 had Creighton in the Top 5 to begin next season.  Would have been a record for CU to be a preseason Top 10 team.

There has been much previous speculation as to whether Davion would leave.  Many seemingly were encouraging such a move as they speculated that Davion would see little, if any, playing time as the team is currently configured.  Most assumed he would return to North Carolina and commit to either a low-end ACC team or a regional mid-major.  Mintz confirmed said rumors by announcing that he was graduate transferring on 03Apr20.  He quickly committed to Kentucky on 10 Apr20 after their offer.

Spade Visuals


Frosh Jalen Windham followed suit by announcing shortly thereafter.  He committed to Ball State University in his home state of Indiana.

Ball State Basketball
Welcome home, @Gohamjdub! Thrilled to have former Ben Davis sharpshooter Jalen Windham in the fold. The 2019 Indiana All-Star spent his freshman year with the No. 7 team in the country. Now he’ll be filling up buckets in Worthen Arena! #ChirpChirp | #WeFly
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Here’s the surprise.  Ty-Shon Alexander, the teams’ leading player, announces on 10APR20 that he is going to the NBA Draft.  Potentially intends to stay in the draft.  Some had expected him (and others) to “test the waters” of the draft, but return for his senior season.  With the team expected to be a Top 10 team…it was a no-brainer.  Surprise!

Creighton Men’s Basketball
𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎 𝐍𝐁𝐀 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐭 Ty-Shon Alexander has declared for the NBA Draft

Spiral note pad

: #GoJays


I am happy for all 3 of our guys.  Davion and Jalen were not projected by the Bluejay faithful pundits, to see much, if any playing time this coming season.  They transferred so they can get a shot at another school.  Good for them.  Ty has the opportunity to return, should he so desire, as he has not yet signed an agent.  He’s old at 21 (22 this summer).  Perhaps he and his family are thinking now or never?  The 2021 NBA Draft will be full of 17-18 y/o’s with potential.
We went from being deep to short at the SG in a week.  I am not concerned as the team brings back a wealth of talent.  Add in the return to health of Jacob Epperson, the addition of Antwann Jones, Ryan Kalkbrenner, Sami Osmani, and sit out transfer Alex O’Connell.  Osmani has size (6-5), deceptive athleticism, and is a shooter.  I expect him to earn a scholie.  Creighton will be fine.
Furthermore, the Jays now have 3 scholarships available.  They are all in on 2020 SG Kerwin Walton and several transfer players.  It is also noted that we are in great shape on 2021 recruits such as Top 30 SG Hunter Sallis (Omaha), PG Tamar Bates (KCMO), and several others.
It should be noted that Creighton will drop a bit in the preseason polls.  NBC’s ol’ Rob Dauster jumped the gun and dropped the Jays from 4th to 19th in one fell swoop!  He’s a wuss anyways, so who gives a rat’s behind what Dauster thinks.
is doing a “Creighton’s Greatest Teams” feature on the 1998-99 Jays.  Altmann’s 1st NCAA squad on the Hilltop.  A really well done feature in several parts.  Definitely a “Must Read” for all Jays fans.
Champions!    Courtesy: Creighton Athletics
See ya…  Roll Damn Jays!

Right on Schedule…Sayonara.

Ty-Shon Enters the NBA Draft according to plan: Gotta go now and beat the crush in 2021.

Courtesy:  Creighton Athletics

There are basketball purists, coaches, team-builders, player developers, and planners in Charlotte, NC.  Many of the most knowledgable people in basketball call North Carolina home.  The Alexanders and Dotsons are amongst the local basketball elite in the area, and they have a master plan.  It’s business.  Not judging…it is what it is.

The short and sweet of it is:  Their sons are elite players who have been groomed since puberty (or earlier) for the game. Get them into Division 1 play for 2-3 years and on to the NBA.  The NBA threw a wrench into the mix when it decided to open up the NBA to high schoolers beginning in the 2021 NBA Draft.  There will be a flood of high schoolers entering that 2021 draft.  That means that it’s now or never for older players in colleges across the USA.   It’s a business decision, pure and simple.

So after caucusing with family, friends, & supporters, Ty-Shon (21 y/o) today announced he is entering the 2020 NBA Draft.  PG Devon Dotson (20 y/o) (Kansas) should soon follow suit – as is the plan.  Good luck to you both.

Ty-Shon Alexander

Roll Jay

Jays fans were shocked out of their comas…as Jeff Goodman prematurely announced the move earlier today, pre-empting Ty-Shon’s announcement.
Jeff Goodman

Creighton guard Ty-Shon Alexander (16.9 ppg) expected to declare for the NBA Draft & barring a change of heart, his intention is to remain in the draft and bypass his senior season, NBA source told

. Hit to a Bluejays team that’s currently in everyone’s Preseason Top 4.

As for our Jays?  Creighton will be fine.  We will drop out of the top 5 in polls, but remain in the top 6-12 range.
Our Jays have an overabundance of talent currently on this team.  We’ve come a long ways, baby!  DENZEL, Mitch, DJ, Z, and Chris will take up the slack.  Shereef and Jett are still here.  A healthy Jacob returns and AJ, Ryan, AOC, and Sami join the fray.  Plus we now have room for Kerwin, DJ Carton, and Batcho to come aboard.  All is well on the Hilltop.  Roll damn Jays!
Ty-Shon, good luck and Godspeed.  You will be missed.  Once a Jay  –  Always a Jay!
Courtesy: Creighton Athletics


PS:  Kansas PG Devon Dotson…follows suit as expected.


Jeff Goodman
Kansas sophomore point guard Devon Dotson will declare for the NBA Draft with the intention of forgoing his final two seasons in college, source told

Sami’s a Jay!

Kid has “make history” written all over him!


Sami O_2


Mac has taken a page out of the early 2000’s playbook.  Picked up a kid that has definitely been under-recruited, overlooked, underestimated. Feels exactly like a “back in the day” 2-3 star recruit, when we picked up the 1st Korver or Nate Funk.

Somethin’ about Sami and his game?  😉   Everything to like about him.  Smart, shifty, sneaky athletic, good BBIQ, and there is something intangible, something else, like I’ve seen him before…a feeling that I got while watching his vid.  He’s a guy we would’ve recruited back in the day and even throughout the DA Era.  He’s a guy that has the potential to become a glue guy.  The kinda kid folks will wind up asking; “where did they find this Osmani kid”?


Them boys snagged a good one and I just became a fan


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@BluejayMBB @cucoachmac



All Righty then Sami.  You done real good…excellent decision.  You’re gonna shock and awe a lot of the so-called experts.  Welcome home, Sami.  Welcome to the Hilltop!
Ol’ Mac is full of surprises, eh.  Nice one Coach.  Give Sami the Tyler Clements minutes…he will surprise us all.  😉
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2020 Recruiting: Two down, two to go…

Jays land transfer with POtential…O’Connell commits to Creighton.


Courtesy – Tipton Edits

Creighton picked up a commitment from Duke transfer wing Alex O’Connell today.  The 6-6/190 wing was a 3-year reserve player for the Blue Devils.  He was a top 75 recruit in the 2017 class.

O’Connell will sit 1, play 1 with the Jays.  He will be expected to be an impact bridge player in the 2021-22 season for Creighton.

Alex is the 2nd incoming 2020 commit, behind 7-0 Ctr Ryan Kalkbrenner.  Two recruits in the fold, two more to go.

Ins and Outs…

While not quite a revolving door like the UKs, Dukes, and KUs…we have a bit of movement this offseason.  



Center Kelvin Jones, a 5th-year grad transfer, has exhausted his eligibility.  SG Davion Mintz, a Senior 4-year player who redshirted this season due to injury, is leaving as a Graduate Transfer.  Also Freshman SG Jalen Windham is transferring.


Where did they go?  Kelvin Jones has exhausted his eligibility so it will be interesting to see where he lands…NBA, G-League, European Pros, Asian Pros?

Davion Mintz has graduate transferred:  U of Kentucky!  That’s correct.  He will be playing for Coach Cal next season.  A shock and surprise to many Jays fans.  😉

Jalen Windham has transferred:  Ball State University, in Indiana.  Should be a good fit for Jalen.


The Jays have had 4 scholarship players transfer in the past four seasons — Kobe Paras in 2017, Ronnie Harrell in 2018 and Windham/Mintz this week.

Creighton now has three open scholarships for the 2020-21 squad. The Jays’ 2020 recruiting class already has Ryan Kalkbrenner, a 7-foot prospect from St. Louis. They’re reportedly one of six finalists for 2020 guard Kerwin Walton, out of Hopkins, Minnesota.


The Jays are actively pursuing possible additions through the transfer market.  Prospects  PG DJ Carton (Ohio St), SG Aaron Estrada (St Peters), and Fwd Trey Murphy (Rice) are 3 of the primary targets.


Stay tuned…



*unmarked photos courtesy of Creighton Athletics.

Mining the Transfer List Cache


Jays hit the Transfer Trail again after middling success with 4 year recruits.


Creighton returns to mine the cache of transfer players after limited success in landing 4-year recruits.  To date, the Jays have landed Ctr Ryan Kalkbrenner as their sole incoming frosh player.  It seems that the staffs’ focus has shifted with only SG Kerwin Walton and PF Dan Batcho left as primary potential frosh candidates.

There are well over 400 transfer players to date, and growing.  Creighton has their bid in with at least 10 prospective transfers, that we know of.  Most are guards, with ex-OSU PG DJ Carton as one of the primary targets.

Courtesy – OSU Athletics


Creighton has had tremendous success in the transfer market.  Transfers have played a major role for CU going as far back as Brody Deren (NW) in 2000-01, Jeffrey Day (UWash) in 2004-05, Chad Millard (Louisville) in 2006-07, and Big Gregory Echenique (Rutgers) in 2009-10.  Most of our “transfers” back in the MVC days were via the JUCO pipelines.  The 2009-10 Bluejays team is one of my all-time favs – plenty of Jucos.  Recent players such as Cole Huff, Mo Watson, Marcus Foster, Kaleb Joseph, Connor Cashaw, Kelvin Jones, Denzel Mahoney, Damien Jefferson, and Antwann Jones have all become Bluejays via transfer.  All the mentioned players have had a positive impact on the program.

The 2020-21 team is expected to be one of the best, if not the best team in Jays history.  Continued success in mining the transfer portal Creighton.  All the best to you, as the best is yet to come!

Roll Damn Jays!

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  • unlabeled photos all courtesy of Creighton Athletics.

Early Preseason 2020-21 Rankings

Several Way Too Early predictions out.


Jays_Middle America
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Several Way Too Early prognostications have hit the online stream.  Jays in the mix on some of these predictions.

Rothstein has the Jays 7th…                                                                                    Jays move up to 6th (23Mar20)

Goodman has the Jays 3rd…

USA Today has Creighton at #5…

CBB_Central  Kevin Sweeney @CBB_Central has CU at #3…  @CBB_Central

NBC’s 2020-21 poll
NBC has the Jays #4.    Nova #1… Jays #4… UCONN #30… … on-top-25/

Busting Brackets (Lukas Harkins) WTE Poll
Jays 4th, Nova 1st.


Attention:  This is a Drill, this is a drill…Let’s go Dancin’!


Jays flag_2


TJ Budd
If we can’t watch basketball on tv then make basketball happen where you’re at. #MarchMadness
Well, the Covid 19 Virus has brought the pain, shock, and awe to the whole world.  In the US it has systematically shut down society in waves of repercussions.  The sports world was shut down last week.  There is no end in sight.
In the interim several media outlets have released their versions of a simulated NCAA Basketball Tournament, including ESPN’s #TwitterTourney2020.  ESPN uses Lunardi’s last bracket (12Mar20) and an advanced simulation algorithm.  No indication of any team criteria used.
Now has started their version.
No Youtube playback for this one.  I’ve looked but cannot find the input criteria used for this simulation.  The initial blurb put out states:
Since the 2020 NCAA Tournament has been canceled, we have decided to simulate the 2020 NCAA Tournament using advanced statistical algorithms!
And then there is also Virtual March Madness 2020 @VirtualMM2020
That said, I have been following along, between sessions of Elite Dangerous, X4 Foundations, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.  Gotta do sumthin’ while housebound.
-Da Jays in ESPN Twitter Tourney 2020:
1st Round:  Jays over Ark LR 77-62
2nd Round:  Jays lose to Illinois.  2 & done.

-Virtual March Madness Sim

Virtual March Madness
1st Round:   Jays over North Dakota St.
2nd Round:  Jays over Arizona State 83-80
Jays to SS.  Will matchup with surprising Belmont!
Sweet 16 Round:  Jays over Belmont 97-59
Jays will play Wiscy who upset #1 KU.
Elite 8 Round:  Jays v Wisconsin
Jays run ends 76-86 to Wisconsin in Elite Eight.
-Jays in 2020 NCAA Tournament Sim:
1st Round:  Jays over Arkansas Little Rock
2nd Round:  Jays over Illinois
Jays to the Sweet Sixteen!  Will match up with Michigan State on Tuesday.
SS Round:  Jays v Mich St.   Jays lose to MSU 76-78.   3 and out.
msu v cu
A Cassius Winston drive and dish to Xavier Tillman gives Michigan State the lead 78-76! Zegarowski’s full court heave falls short and MSU advances! Michigan State will play Louisville in the Elite 8!
Creighton has put out the Best Moments of 2019-20 Season bracket

Creighton Men’s Basketball



Best Creighton moments of the 2019-20 season.

We will have polls throughout the day during the upcoming weeks to decide the top moment of our season!

View image on Twitter
Other Sims:
Reddit Sims…  several different sims.  Incl. Virtual March Madness…
Youtube Sim

NBC’s 2020 Simulation … -champion/

Dauster/Ommen Bracket/NCAA Game Sim.
Round by round.

1st Four: Texas stops Xavier in 1st Four.

1st Round action…
1st Round W’s – Butler-5E, Jays-2MW, SH-3S, & Marquette-10W
1 & done – Villanova-2E, Providence-7S.

East – Butler over Liberty, Nova falls to N.Kentucky.
MW – Mahoney hits buzzer-beater, CU survives.
South – The Hall rolls. Rutgers stops Prov.
West – Howard & Marquette roll over Arizona.

2nd Round…
Butler and Marquette advance to SS.
2 & done – Jays and Seton Hall.

Sweet Sixteen…
Both Butler and Marquette fall in SS.

Busting Brackets’ simulation (Brian Rauf/Harkins Bracket/College Hoops 2k8)
Jays out in South Region, 1st round upset to ND State. … ournament/
CBS’ simulation (Palm Bracket/CBS Sportsline Projection Model simulator)
Jays out in Midwest Region, SS, losing to Duke.…t … ournament/
SB Nation  Jays out in SS.  Fall to Mich. St.
…and then.  Here’s my favorite from ESPN’s Kyle Soppe (Sultan of Stats).  Kyle put out his bracket with a FF of Kansas, Creighton, Gonzaga, and San Diego State.  Then he topped it by predicting a KU vs CU final.
Luv it!
Courtesy – Kyle Soppe/ESPN
Courtesy: Creighton Athletics
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Roll Damn Jays!


The No Fan “Dance”

NCAA Tourney to be played in Empty Arenas.




The NCAA announced today, via President Mark Emmert, that the 2020 NCAA Basketball Tourney will be played as scheduled, but without fans in the stands.

Even as this is a first, the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tourney is too big an event, too prosperous, too important an event for the organization to cancel.  The “Dance” as it is commonly referred to brings in over a Billion dollars annually to the NCAA and is the associations’ primary revenue source.

Last season the tourney reportedly brought in over one Billion dollars as revealed by several media sources.  Other division tourneys and women’s tourneys are not included in these figures.  This source below reported a bit less revenue.

Viewership for the 2019 championship game surged 23% over the previous year. Last year the NCAA pulled in $933 million in revenue from media rights fees, ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, and a proliferation of television ads anchored around the three-week-long tournament.

Participating teams receive “Units” per game played, up to a maximum of 5 units.  Each unit equalled $280,300 (132 Units) in the 2019 tournament and are paid out for 6 years.  Teams are paid via the Basketball Fund, which is a portion of the annual monetary take.  In 2019 the Basketball Fund was approximately $370 Million.   The NCAA claims to keep 4% ($37.3 Million) for operating expenses and annually doles out rest to member Div. 1 institutions ($526 Million).  As it stands the NCAA cannot afford to cancel the Div 1 Basketball Tourney which is its’ primary revenue stream.

So the NCAA will do okay without fans in the stands.  CBS and Turner will still gain their Billion dollars in ad revenues.  Participating teams will get their units.  So who will get hurt by the move to a fanless tournament?  The cities who campaigned and won the right to host tournament events will take the hit.

During the 2015 NCAA tournament, Seattle was chosen as one of the host sites, and the Seattle Sports Commission developed high tech computer software to estimate the economic benefit of hosting the NCAA tournament. This software estimated “$7.8 million in economic benefit and $957,000 in tax revenue for the greater Seattle area.

As was outlined, there are many benefits to being a host city during the NCAA tournament. Although each city will see some sort of economic stimulus from hosting during the tournament, there are a multitude of factors that could impact the amount of economic benefit from hosting including the matchups that are generated, the proximity of participating schools to host sites, and the size of the fan bases of the respective participating schools. Depending on these factors, some host cities will have a greater economic impact to their area than other cities, however, most experts are in agreement that hosting the NCAA tournament will create a substantial economic stimulus for the hosting city and surrounding areas.

Fourteen US cities will play host to the rounds of 64 and 32, as well as the four play-in games which are in Dayton, OH (2016). Home to the “First Four” for the last several years, Dayton has seen nearly $66 million poured into its local economy since 2001. In Providence, it’s estimated that the local economy will generate about $3.5 million, and in Philadelphia nearly $18 million when they host the East Regional next week.

The city of Houston (2016) is expecting to generate $300 million in revenue during the Final Four, which will help taxpayers feel better about the $8 million subsidy provided to by the state of Texas. This is the third time in the tournament’s 78-year history, that the “Space City” will host the Final Four.

So even with the old figures from earlier 2015 & 2016 tournaments, it is plain to see that the Host Cities will be the ones taking a hit on the chin in an NCAA Tourney without fans in the seats.  Whatever amount(s) of predicted host revenues are now up in smoke and unless these site hosts had the foresight to get event insurance, they will lose both upfront sunk costs as well as the projected windfalls they had planned for.

The 2020 NCAA Div 1 Basketball Tournament will make history on several fronts it seems.