Happy New Year

Manuvering through Covid-19 in 2021

Been on my Covid Christmas break, but the coffee’s all gone now. A robust Happy New Year to you all!

World Population Clock: 7.8 Billion People (2021) – Worldometer

By most counts there are 7.8 Billion folks on the planet at last count. For the relative handful of good folks out there. These people are striving to be the Best human beings they can be and hand out love and care daily. May the God of your understanding shower Blessings upon you this year.

As for the restivus…Reap what you sow. May you receive what you Deserve.

Big East update coming later this week.

Recent Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) News

Charles I by Sir Anthony Van Dyck

Well here we are on 17Dec2020 and ESPN, the WWL, and its’ writer Dan Murphy has put out an Name-Image_Likeness (NIL) update of sorts. He goes into detail in his article irt the Blumenthal-Booker Bill, more commonly known as the Players Bill of Rights, which is working its’ way through Congress. The Bill of Rights is hoped to get worked on and passed during the 1st half of 2021 in Congress to cut off a potential avalanche of individual state bills beginning in July 2021 with Florida’s version.

Bluenotes has looked repeatedly at the slate of proposed NIL bills including the NCAA’s take, in our 3 presentations on Name-Image-Likeness. Our 16 Sep 20 article and 2 youtube videos go into depth on the NIL subject matter. Take a look.

Our 16 Sep 2020 post here on Bluenotes: NCAA Plantation Mentality… https://bluenotes2.com/?s=NIL and 2 Bluenotes Basketball 365 NIL videos on Youtube:

Bluenotes Sportswatch NIL 19Oct2020 – https://youtu.be/fUzNQ1f3hVs

Bluenotes Sportswatch NIL Update, 27Nov2020 – https://youtu.be/B6RoZeDYN9A

For what it’s worth, Murphy does a good job of delineating the Blumenthal-Booker BoR in his article. The BoR is the most sweeping, comprehensive of the 4 national bills currently circulating. It is the most lucrative for players and is a gamechanger of the current collegiate landscape.


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