Bluenotes Short Riff – 19 January 2019


Women’s Basketball – Both the women and the men’s teams are in the midst of finding themselves.  The women’s team is currently 10-8 / 4-3 in conference.  The team faces Butler today at home on FS1, and are looking to sweep Butler on the season.



As for the guys… they fell to @St Johns last Wedsnesday evening, to go 10-8 /1-4 in conference.  Jays have lost 4 straight after opening with a win @Providence.  Up next is @Georgetown on Monday evening.  Jays have been in lead at halftime or in the contest in most of the games.  Becoming overly reliant on the 3, abandoning the inside game.  And are not finishing well also.

Live by the 3, die by the 3:,%20Die%20by%20the%20Three%20The%20Price%20of%20Risk%20in%20the%20NBA.pdf


Recruiting – Rumor had it there might be a commit over the semester break.  The staff has been on lockdown since the FBI trial and allegations against CU.  No leaks of any sort.  Phenomenal.  As it turns out – classes began last Wednesday – and no commit of any sort.  So much for rumors.  Have to assume the Jays are still working on Wing Gerald Drumgoole and PF Tristan Enaruna.  No new names for 2019, although some of the staff are following a couple of Jucos.  Nothing on any 2020 kids either.



News –  New alternate uni was announced this week and will debut Monday vs @Georgetown.  New “baby blue” alternate uni which harkens back to the 70s and 80s.  A welcome addition and about time.



The annual Creighton vs Cancer Pinkout game is next Friday, 25Jan19 versus Butler.   The auction is currently underway.









Go Jays!


Staccato: and so it Begins!

Happy New Year Folks!

DlemQLvVAAEoA9a - copia
Courtesy-Creighton Athletics

Happy New Year to everyone!  Starting things off right…The Conference, on the road. New Year’s Eve at the Dunk…an ongoing new tradition.  And seeing Providence (evidently our league nemesis) and trying to put a W into the talley (8-15 overall, 3-7 since joining the league) and attempt to put a bit of “rival” into the rivalry.

Comin in from the fog
Courtesy- Creighton Athletics

To their credit the Friars and Ed are great hosts for the party, just on bit stingy on the game. Should be a great tilt. Prov has been off 10 days and hopefully a bit rusty, but more than enough time to prepare for the Jays. My line is that the Jays are “on” tonight and no amount of prep will help. Go Jays!

Courtesy: Providence College

Happy 2019 folks! May this year be your most prosperous one to date!



Jays take to the road for their 1st 2 games of the new year.  At Providence, then at Butler, before 2 (Marquette and Villanova) at home.  Should be a great opening gambit to lead off the Bie East season.

All the Best to you and yours in 2019.  For those of U in uniform…Keep the Faith, baby!

Shoutout to everyone in Hong Kong, SRoK, especially Kunsan, Bahrain, and the PI.  “When in doubt(s); Be Bold!”

Courtesy – Creighton Athletics



Bluenotes Short Riff – 2December18



December 1, 2018:  #1 Gonzaga @ Creighton   Zags 103-92 over Jays.

As is said there are no moral victories and a loss is a loss. I am however, very encouraged by our men’s basketball team.


Our Jays are not playing nearly as well as they can or will, with 2 of 3 bigs recovering from injuries. Mitch Ballock- expected to be one of our primary scorers – has only performed as expected on 1 or 2 occasions thus far. Our PG by cmte is not yet performing optimally.

In spite of the above we hung toe to toe with the far more experienced #1 team and not withstanding the 4 minutes lapse mid 2nd half, AND the overwhelmingly lopsided disparity in foul calls, were in the game and had an opportunity to win it. While there is no shame in losing to the top team in the nation, we did hang 92 points on the #1 team, nothing beats winning.

This 2018-19 Creighton basketball squad is good. With continued development & incremental improvements this team will be one of the twenty best teams in the country.  The team is 6-2, won the in season tourney over #16 Clemson, and is on schedule to meet/exceed my expectations.


Our guys are playing well, defining team roles, and will continue to improve. They can and will contend for the Big East crown.

Recruiting:  A few recruits were expected at the Gonzaga game.  Jacob Padilla made mention that 2021 recruit SG/SF Hunter Sallis attended.

Photo:  NEPrepZone

Attempting to schedule a visit for 2019 Fwd Tristan Enaruna.  Possibly over the Xmas season.  He’s gaining more notice as KU has now offered.

photo:  Wasatch Academy

Soccer:  The regular season champs Men’s season ended abruptly at the BET.  No NCAA bid given.  Coach Bolovich retired and Asst. Coach Johnny Torres was promoted to HC.  Good move for continuity.

Paul Kruse

Volleyball:  the 28-4 Jays won both the Regular Season & BET championships.  #9 CU (9-seed), again hosted 1st & 2nd round games.  The team won vs South Dakota, but bowed out in the 2nd round vs #22 Univ. Washington.  Excellent season, but too short a stay in the tournament.


Previews, stories, and vids at goCreighton, white and blue review, Bluejay Banter, and the Omaha World Herald.

* unlabeled photos courtesy of Creighton Athletics.


Staccato: 4 Sophomore Horsemen

Courtesy:  Angelfire

“Horses Always referred to in the Bible in connection with warlike operations,
except #Isa 28:28 The war-horse is described #Job 39:19-25” – from Angelfire.

In the descriptions of the 4 horses of the Apocalypse, the white horse is the steed of conquest.  A fitting description of this years Jays team.  Go forth & conquer.

The general national and local media have picked our team in the bottom of the Big East (with exception to NBC, Kenpom-33rd, and the Atlantic-46th / smart cookies!).  Our fanbase has generally bought into the “too young” and doom-n-gloom movements as well.  Many (media and fanbase) are talking a 7th – 9th place finish and some are “hoping” for a midpack 10/8 conference slate and sneaking into the dance.  Only a few of us have bucked that trend and stated that the Jays will finish top half of the conference.  I say we finish 2nd in the league.  I have picked Epperson as the PoY and Jefferson as Newcomer of the Year. (note: NBC 

While the bulk of the local yokels media is busy bashing the Jays slight, tangential connection to the FBI trial, looking for increased clickbait, Jon Nyatawa, our beat guy is putting out a series of good articles.  His most recent is on the four Sophomores of this team, the folks we will need to ride in order for success this season.  (I don’t subscribe to Omaha’s rag, so you’ll have to read it yourselves if needed.)  Jon also has a new “meet the team” spread.  Check it out.

As an aside, Mr. Nyatawa is a professional and puts out well readable articles and opinions.  Not being from the area his stuff is generally fair, objective, and non-biased.  He is quite knowledgable on the intricacies of basketball and his insights and opinions are valuable and welcomed.

Photo: Machian

Four talented sophomores hold key to Creighton basketball exceeding expectations … 36e1e.html

Meet the 2018-19 Creighton men’s basketball team … e3b.html#1

Big East Outlook…

Seniors Cashaw and Joseph will be valuable contributors and provide senior leadership, while Juniors Krampelj and Mintz have the most returning experience and PT.  Our four Sophomores may well be the lynchpin upon which we rest the season.

Alexander, Ballock, and Epperson played significant roles and had decent playing time as backups to last season’s star players.  These guys along with transfer Damien Jefferson, who learned the system while doing his mandatory sit out, will be instrumental in providing the leadership, scoring, hustle, and unselfishness in which our success lies.  This quartet are smart, athletic, and team 1st guys,  In making the “sophomore leap” in effectiveness, scoring, and hustle, our 4 will become the glue of the overall team.  They are ready for shouldering the load for this team, as they have all worked quite hard during the offseason to get ready for their time in the spotlight.  I’m excited to see the fruits of all of their labors!

…and these guys below are ready to contribute to this years success as well!

Courtesy of Creighton Athletics

The season officially begins next Tuesday, 06Nov18, and the fellas have been workin it in practices, scrimmages, and exhibitions.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit,”

Creighton has a habit of winning.  The Program has consistently exceeded expectations.  I expect no less this season.  The team has a few cupcakes in Western Illinois, East Tennessee St, and Ohio St., as well as the field of the Caymans Classic to tune up and get ready for the grind.  Time to put it together on the court, for real!

This is one of, if not the most talented, deep, and athletic teams in Creighton history!  The fellas are ready to get to it.  Bring on the Season!  Go Big Blue…Let it Fly!

Courtesy: Creighton Athletics

Rise n Fly Jays.  Let’s ride this season to great heights and glories!

Go Big Blue!



Courtesy: Creighton Athletics


Bluenotes Short Riff – Halloween Edition

Image result for Halloween, bird gifs


Time for another Short Riff…lots of bits and pieces to share.

The Big East published it’s regular season schedule on Thursday, 13 Sept 2018.


2018-19 Men’s Hoops Schedule:

Men’s and Women’s Hoops have begun formal practices.  WBR has a Practice thread and links to their observations.

Comin in from the fog
Courtesy Creighton Athletics

Secret scrimmage vs Minnesota – Lost 1st half, won 2nd half and extra period.

Exh. Game:  Dusted D2 Winona St. 101-57, Froling and Ty-Shon starred.

Megan Sharkey
Courtesy Creighton Athletics

Jays Volleyball – VB Finally moved up to #9 after seven weeks at 10th in the nation.  20-4 on the season.  BE is weak and CU has a middling RPI.  Folks sweating on BJU about running the table and hosting a NCAA session.  See goCreighton and BJU for more.  Win both this week and the Jays take the top seed in the BET.

Jaali Winters earns 2nd BE Offensive PoW.

Men’s Futbol (Soccer) ranked #12 in the latest United Soccer Coaches Poll.  BE Champs!

Akeem Ward Marquette
Courtesy Creighton Athletics

Jays riding a roller coaster in the polls.  Fell from #8 to #19, now back up to #14.  Jays clinch BE regular season championship at DePaul.  At 11-3-2, Jays clinch #1 Seed, home field advantage in the upcoming BET.

Courtesy Creighton Athletics

Big East Offensive PoW is Joel Rydstrand…

Season finale and Senior Night is Wednesday vs Georgetown…

Hoops – Practice has begun!!  Of all the major media outlets only NBC has the Jays in the top tier of the BEast (3rd).  Lindy’s, Street&Smiths, Athlon, all join Blue Ribbon and the others in pegging the Jays in the Bottom 4 of the conference.  The BE Coaches also pegged the Jays 9th.  Boy are they all in for a shock.

Most had the Jays in a similar spot last season and we finished 3rd (tie).  As per my August 15th predictions I see the Jays a strong 2nd in the BEast, about 25-6 on the regular season.  We have the BE level talent and size, 4 upperclassmen, good experience level, a stellar incoming class, and excellent coaching.  Jays reload.

Ty-Shon had 17, Mintz 12, and 4 others in dbl figures in the exhibition game last Saturday.  Sam Froling had another good showing and STARTED the game.

Recruiting:  Getting ready for the season…alls quiet on the recruiting front.

2019 – 12Sep18  Combo Fwd Tristan Enaruna, 6-8/205 Netherlands/Wasatch Academy, Utah.  Jays in late on him.  A developmental project…raw with upside.
2019 – 04Oct18  Brandon Rachal – One time Jays recruit ended up at LSU but left for JUCO this year. He’s a talented 6-5 guard/wing who is comfortable handling the ball and is a veracious rebounder as well. Seton Hall recently offered. Averaged 4.4 ppg – 3.3 rpg – 0.7 apg last year as a freshman for LSU.  Interest, yes.  Offer, Unk.


Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK

2021 – 2021 G Kendall Brown (offered)

Postby drbluejay » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:51 am

Kendall is a 2021 6′-6″ recruit from Minnesota that plays PG and has been labeled as a PG, SG and SF by different scouting services.
He’s rated as a 5* recruit and I read he was scheduled to make an unofficial visit to Creighton on Oct. 19th.

Leftovers:   Creighton has 10 open offers for 2019, with 2 rides to give.  Asked around the local boards as to who else the coaches were focusing on, but no leaks nor hints.  Coaches being very tight-lipped after the situation with Zach.

IMHO I think they are looking intently for copies of Nnaji & Harvey (a PF/C and big wing) just in case.  So in addition to Enaruna and Beverly above, think bigs Tre Mitchell (C) #93.  As for Wings it’s combo guard Sedrick Hammond (Combo G) or an as of yet unknown recruit.

FBI Trial:  ESPN and Dickie V. late to the party; mention of Arizona and Creighton phonecons, looking for clickbait.  Omaha World Herald getting on the clickbait train as well.  Don’t know or care about UA, but Andy Miller and his agency ASM Sports (plus his associate Dawkins) represented Justin Patton at the time.  Calls went up to NBA Draft day, then stopped.   No smoke here.

Bruce Rasmussen@rasmussen_bruce

Colin Powell last night “we have come to live in a society based on insults, on lies, and on things that just aren’t true.” Make certain that you have the entire story from all sides before you draw conclusions.


Misc:  Top 3 pt shooting schools – this century.




Can you feel it?  College hoops is just around the corner!  I can hear it.  I can smell it.  I can see it.  Can you feel it?




*Untitled photos courtesy of Creighton Athletics

**Irene Cara via Youtube…

***Creighton Difference courtesy of Creighton University  (SG Jordan Scurry in background)

Staccato: Zeke n Zach Show Cancelled

But Reef puts on a performance…Solo!


Creighton targets Zeke and Zach made other plans.  Nnaji narrowed his list to elites only and Harvey re-opened his recruitment and reclassed to 2020.  With that the Jays Nation expectations nosedived.  We are in a lull before the fall signing period and things are exceedingly quiet.

Courtesy: Bluenotes2

Fortunately the Jays did have 1 commit (2 open scholies) in 2019 PG Shereef Mitchell.  Reef is an local Omaha area Top 150 product and I expect his stock will continue to rise over the course of this season.  He’s a very good athlete, smart, and may still be growing.  It’s still early and anything can happen.  However, If we only get 1 commit for 2019 that will be more than enough.  Shereef Mitchell has starpower, talent, and is a very tough, hardnosed player.  A class of one?  More than enough for this Creightonian!

Just saw this on his twitter feed…Reef Mitchell sportin’ the new Jays home uni… and his Mom sporting the new road jersey as well.  Nice…  Enjoy!





image1 (1)


Shereef photos courtesy: Creighton Athletics


Excellent player.  Photogenic, with an infectious smile.  Way to go Reef!   Lookin’ good in that Creighton uni!  The 2019 Class is in great hands.


Courtesy: Creighton Athletics


Creighton Basketball Pros

Creighton Athletics

There was a recent Bluejay Underground post on Creighton’s professional players.  The vast majority of the attention is showered on the NBA Pros, Kyle Korver, Anthony Tolliver, and Doug McDermott…and rightfully so as the NBA garners the most attention.  New NBAer’s Justin Patton and Khyri Thomas get a bit of attention as well.

Creighton Athletics

What is surprising is how many former Jays are doing well playing professionally overseas.  Several players have made good careers with teams/longevity in Europe and Asia.  Of the older new generation, Bob Harstad, DeAnthony Bowden, Nerijus Karlikanovas, & Livan Pyfrom for example, have done exceedingly well overseas with long careers and accomplishments.  Even Rodzilla, Rodney Buford, despite a checkered professional history, put together a 14 year career.  That being said, he should have played much longer in the NBA.  Some have followed Gregory Echenique since he played in Europe, South America, the Olympics, and now Japan.  Some have recently followed Justin Carter, especially since his NBA tryout a few years ago, now in Dubai.



Courtesy: Fleer

These gentlemen named above do Creighton proud as they not only developed into good professionals, but continue to be fine ambassadors for the university.  Bob Harstad after a 10 year overseas career, returned to become a local stalwart of Creighton and was inducted into the Creighton and MVC HOFs.  DeAnthony Bowen after an 11 year career recently returned to complete his Creighton degree.  Several former players have matriculated into the coaching profession.  Several (40-50) players and personnel also returned to the Hilltop this year for the HOF weekend for Coach Altman and Kyle Korver.  The bonds which were built and developed for Creighton and for each other are still strong.  It warms my heart to know these guys still love and connect with each other.

800px-2017-02-02_Oettinger_Rockets_gegen_MLP_Academics_Heidelberg_by_Sandro_Halank–71 (1)
Dane Watts-Oettinger

Another bright surprise is the fact that Dane Watts has performed well over the last decade.  That he has pieced together a nice 11 year run professionally that would surprise most Creighton fans.  Dane was always a good player and a fan favorite, but few would have guessed he would have this kind of longevity professionally.  Justin Carter and Kenny Lawson are having stalwart careers as well, with Justin at 8 years and Kenny at 7 years thus far.  The talent displayed at CU was evidently greater than many of the CU faithful gave credit for.

Below is a snippet of the Creighton listing on US;

Creighton Pro Players
Name Hgt Pos Age last Tm Grad Yrs
Korver, K 201 G/F 37 Cleveland, NBA 2003 15
Tolliver, A 203 F/C 33 Minnesota, NBA 2007 11
*Watts, D 203 F 32 Oettinger R, GERM 2007 11
Carter, J 193 G/F 31 Ahli Shabab, UAE 2010 8
Lawson, K 207 C 30 Unieuro Forli, ITAL 2011 7
Echenique, G 206 C 27 Shimane SM, JPN 2013 5
Manigat, J 186 G/F 27 DEAC, Hungary 2014 4
McDermott, D 203 F 26 Indiana, NBA 2014 4
Artino, W 211 F/C 26 Formosa D, TAIW 2015 3
*Chatman, A 183 G 25 Swiss Cent., SWTZ 2015 3
*Brooks, D 186 G 26 Charlotte, G Leag 2015 3
Grosselle, J 212 C 25 Astana, KAZAK 2016 2
Milliken, J 191 G 25 TSU Hyundai, GEO 2016 2
Watson, M 178 G 25 Leiden, HOLL 2017 0
Zierden, I 188 G 25 Terceira, PORT 2017 1
*Huff, C 203 F 24 Grnsboro,G Leag 2017 1
Patton, J 216 C 21 Minnesota, NBA 2017 1
Foster, M 190 G 23 DB Promy, SKOR 2018 0
Thomas, K 190 G 22 Detroit, NBA 2018 0
Roberts, Eric 193 G 23 Tochigi Brex, JPN 2018 0


*Persons with an asterisk played in 2017-2018 and it is not certain if they will be playing in the 2018-2019 seasons.

Eric Roberts is on this list, but I have no idea who he is.  He was not a CU player, nor a walk-on.


Courtesy: Creighton Athletics


Comin in from the fog
Courtesy: Creighton Athletics


Bluejay Men's Basketball - Season Review, Part 3
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