Prelude – Class of 2016


We prime the pump with a series of preludes on the new guys – the Class of 2016. Initial interviews with the 3 newest Jays:  Jordan, Kobe, and Davion.

First up:  Kobe Paras

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SF/SG  6-6, 190,  Cathedral HS, Los Angeles, CA Assessment:

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1st of all, Welcome to Creighton University and the Hilltop.  Hopefully you will use this time wisely and build your education well.  Creighton is (one of) the Best university(ies) in the US.  Education is more than what is in the books…diversify your interests, ask questions, use all of the faculty, facilities, and staff to broaden your base, amplify or correct what you currently know, and grow into a well-rounded, diverse, and curious human being.

Be aware that learning never stops – degrees are merely mileposts – stay open to learning, to growth, and then give of yourself to make this a better world – Serve others.  Success is in observing/finding what is missing in the current environment, building the idea into a reality, and amending the results of that reality so as it becomes a benefit to as many other people as possible.  In whatever you choose to do, if you modify it so that it benefits others as well as yourself, you Will be successful.

You are what is known as a bread and butter player for CU hoops.  Prior to our ascent to the BE, 2 and 3 star players were our forte.  Finding and developing under evaluated, under recruited, unknown, or guys out in Podunk, diamonds in-the-rough, was a Creighton tradition.  Our coaching staff has a 20+ year history of finding guys who were overlooked and under estimated.  The vast majority of our “all-time” players, including the great Doug McDermott (Bulls), Kyle Korver (Hawks), Anthony Tolliver (Kings), Rodney Buford (former 76er), and hoards of others fit this bill of fare.  Listen to the coaches – they know what they are doing.  You have been added to this team to help win Championships – no other reason.  Be prepared Boy Scout, be prepared.

An athletic program &/or team is like the body:   All parts and pieces are essential for it to perform to it’s optimum.  No one piece or person is necessarily greater, as all are important to the whole.  The whole is the sum, but it is also greater than the parts.  The program/team comes 1st.  Team success takes precedence over personal success, and when the team exceeds expectations – all gain and will garner the benefits, rewards, and awards.  Winning championships – exempt tourneys, the Big East, and the NCAA Championship – are the program goals.

Team 1st!  When your time comes – do your part.


No Response to my questionaire request.  However, he did a Twitter Q&A this AM.


Prelude – Class of 2016

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Hoops 24/7, 365.  Yep it’s August and one can feel the anticipation beginning to build for the upcoming college basketball season.  The Creighton boards are humming and the faithful are like thoroughbreds – chomping at their bits – eagerly anticipating the starting bell.  But, of course we must suffer through the end of summer, and then endure 2 months of unholy pigskin, but the season is approaching. Bluenotes normally begins gearing up in August, usually crowned with gtmo’s ridiculous prognostications on 15 August.  This season will not differ.

We prime the pump with a series of preludes on the new guys – the Class of 2016. Initial interviews with the 3 newest Jays:  Jordan, Kobe, and Davion.  Who’d a thunk that we would ever see Jordan and Kobe in Jays uni’s?  lol.  These young men fit the historic mold of Creighton recruits, as they are men that have been often overlooked, underevaluated, and under-recruited during their HS careers – even while showing significant growth, maturation, and improvements in their games.  Our coaching staff – ever alert and with a discerning eye for talent – found our next fortune, these 3 diamonds in the rough.  Jordan, Kobe, and Davion may not have the cache of high recruiting services number ratings, but they are excellent players and fit the Bluejays style of play.


This class is special.  While underappreciated by the media pundits and talking heads, young men like these 3 have been Creighton’s bread and butter over the years.  Guys like these have consistently carried our program to great heights and to sustained achievement over the last 20 years.  We expect no less than excellence from Jordan, Kobe, and Davion during their tenures on the Hilltop. We expect them to work hard, to be staunch members of the squad, and to contribute to winning championships at Creighton. That is why they were recruited and are now Bluejays!