Where is the Love? (In the 2011 Preseason Hoops Polls)

Jays receiving Pre-season Love in the 2011 Polls.

Back in the day…the ’70’s…Roberta Flack’s song: “Where is the Love” lamented on the failure of
a suitor to fulfill his promise. A promise of love broken and unfulfilled. Such are affairs of the heart.

In college hoops it seems that the media’s affections are just as fickle and fleeting. This year it appears that the Jays are one of the beneficiaries of the media pundits annual flings. We are 2011’s “Mid-major of the moment”, the early season’s darling and popular pick.
IMO it is late and overdue, but I shall enjoy it while it lasts, as being a media darling is generally a short-lived run, akin to Miss America, winner of last years’ American Idol, and the like. I suppose this season is the Jays “15 minutes of fame” or thereabouts. Make the most of it.
The Jays have received a good deal of positive press from numerous sources regarding the upcoming season. I expect more of the same as the season approaches. ESPN has Creighton as part of their ESPN Midnight Madness feature on the 14th of October, as one of the eleven schools to be aired nationally. (Probably means we made their pre-season poll as well.) Their hoops guy Andy Katz has been trumpeting the Jays frequently as of late, and was on Bluejay Banter recently, as well.

CBS’ guys: Parrish and Goodman have shown this years’ Jays some love as well in their articles. CBS and other media outlets have written irt CU’s Father & son duo – Coach and player McDermott. Also much has been made of Doug McDermott’s and Gregory Echenique’s international (national teams) play this past summer.
The table below lists the various media outlets and there take on the 2011-12 Creighton Basketball team. I shall update the table as the various media outlets publish their respective pre-season polls and lists.

Media Predictions on 2011-12 Creighton Jays Hoops
Source Conf Rank Nat’l Rank NCAA Seeding
USAToday/Coaches NR 33 NR
Sporting News (SS) 1 35 9
Blue Ribbon 1 NR N/A
Lindy’s 1 23 6
Athlon’s 1 NR 8
Sports Illustrated N/A N/A N/A
College Hoops Net N/A N/A N/A
Rush the Court 1 NR 7
College Sports Madness 1 32 NCAA
Hoop Scoop NR NR NR
Fox Sports N/A NR N/A
CBS Sports/J Palm 1 NR 8
NBC Sports 1 25 9
Rivals 1 36 N/A
ESPN/Katz 1 NR N/A
gtmo’s Prediction 1 18 6