Creighton: 2015 Recruiting – The Wish List

Boy, oh boy.  Are the Jays hoops staff work’in’ or what.  Yes sir…they certainly are hard at it.  By my last count CU has 30 offers out there in recruiting com – for 4 available scholies (roughly 7 offers per spot).

To hear Zagoria, Rothstein, the ESPN crew, and others  – Creighton’s cupboard is bare, hence the road marathon by the staff.  Well that perception is far from the truth of the matter, but it never hurts to add more talent.  No one ever questions when the Bigs (UK, KU, UConn, S’cuse, L’ville, Arizona, or UCLA) stockpile talent – so why question little Creighton?  The talking heads still perceive the Jays as a middie, still thinking that CU was a 1-hit (DMD) wonder.  They refuse to do their due diligence, their homework, and their research – adopted Mizzourans no doubt…Show me talking heads?  If any had taken the time to check he/she would have found a pattern of program consistency matched by only a handful of other programs nationally.
As you know, I am totally convinced, as is The Basketball Times staff, that Creighton fields one of the Top 10 basketball programs in the nation. And according to BT, CU has been a consistent top 29 program for the last 15 – 20 years.  I expect that status to change, as I anticipate the Jays improving their standings nationally.  Is my blue juice spiked?  Nah.  Past performance is a good indicator of (although it does not guarantee) future success.
*****LE:  20 JUL 14 – SG Matt McQuaid of Duncanville, TX has re-opened his recruitment.  Jays back in the hunt.

Recruiting, Bluenotes Wish List for 2015

PG Jalen Brunson – PG/SG Justin Simon – PF Chimeze Metu – PF/C Henry Ellenson
* Brunson has delisted Creighton on his shortened list.  Simon to Arizona, Metu to USC.

Revised list:  PG Glynn Watson – PG/SG Jalen Adams – PF Alex Illikainen – PF/C Henry Ellenson
* Adams to UConn.

Revised list as of 4Jul14:  PG Glynn Watson – SG Jimmy Whitt/Shake Milton – PF Alex Illikainen – PF/C Henry Ellenson.  *McQuaid re-opens recruitment (20Jul14).

Revised list as of 21Jul14:  PG Glynn Watson – SG Matt McQuaid – SF Chris Clark – PF Ellenson

2015 Verbal Commits: 
C –   Jalin Patton, 6-10 / 205 lbs, Omaha, NB
PF –
SF –
SG –
PG –
Transfer –