Creighton Basketball – 2015 Recruiting

The Class of 2015
(Initial Edit – 28 September 2014)

Another successful men’s basketball recruiting season has run the gamut and the Jays have received verbal commitments from 2 top national recruits.  Beginning last June with the surprise offer/commit from then relatively unknown Omaha recruit C/PF Justin Patton, to the September commit of Iowa PG Marlon Stewart, it has been a roller coaster ride.  Overall this class could have been superb, but Creighton missed on several (read 8) Top 100 recruits, including today’s decisión (30 Oct 14) by Top 100 recruit SF Chris Clarke, to Tennessee.

Creighton has 2 scholie spots that remain open.  The Jays have some 2015 offers on the table, mainly for guards, including a recent re-offer to former 2012-now Juco PG Jonathan Milligan, or they may opt to target a Spring ’15 transfer player. This is still a good class for the Jays 3rd year in the Big East Conference and with a spring acquisition of a HS late bloomer, or a transfer player, or Milligan, will set the table for continued success in the conference and nationally.  As their senior high school seasons play out, both future Jays Patton and Stewart should see a rise in their respective national standings.

Recruiting is work – hard work at this level.  Creighton’s staff has put in tons of hard work and thousands of road miles this past recruiting season, in order to capitalize on their new Big East status, and it has paid dividends.   Coaches DeVries, Lutz, and Sellers are to be commended for their ceaseless recruiting efforts.
Creighton Verbal Commits:

Photos: Rivals, QC Times
C/PF Justin Patton, 6-10, 215  Omaha, NB  Rivals-#48, Scout-#42, ESPN-Unranked 4-Star
PG Marlon Stewart, 6-2, 195   Eldridge, IA Rivals-Unranked 3-Star, Scout-NR, ESPN-NR

The 2015 Men’s Basketball Class is ranked between 35th – 50th nationally, depending on the service you look at – 247Hoops, VerbalCommits, Scout, Rivals, ESPN, NBCSports, etc.  This class is a bellwether class – as it was seen as crucial to field a great class this year, going forward in the BE – to set the bar as a consistent player in both Big East championships and nationally.  The perception was that this class would certify not only the Jays ability to continue to compete in the league, but also to potentially win the conference and have legitimate postseason success in the foreseeable future.  The caliber of this 2015 class does that, but also throws down the gauntlet – that Creighton, both can and will compete with the so-called ‘elite‘ for top level recruits.  The conference has grabbed 9 Top 100 and 14 Top 150 recruits to date, with Creighton’s share being 1 Top 50 player and 1 soon to be Top 150 also.

The Jays have had good to great recruiting classes in the past.  This 2015 recruit class continues that trend by securing 2 Top 150 players thus far.  A hale and hearty “Well Done” to Creighton Coach McDermott and his excellent staff.

LE: 31Oct14 – Kansas backup PG, Conner Frankamp, is transferring from KU in order to find “more PT” and a “better fit”.  Creighton is one of the schools interested, along with Wichita, UCLA and a couple of others..  Although seen as a one dimensional shooter, with defensive deficiencies, and average athleticism – Frankamp was a Top 50 recruit in the 2013 class.  He also starred on one of the USA teams.  Would be a capable backup PG and situational shooter for the Jays.