Staccato: 4 Sophomore Horsemen

Courtesy:  Angelfire

“Horses Always referred to in the Bible in connection with warlike operations,
except #Isa 28:28 The war-horse is described #Job 39:19-25” – from Angelfire.

In the descriptions of the 4 horses of the Apocalypse, the white horse is the steed of conquest.  A fitting description of this years Jays team.  Go forth & conquer.

The general national and local media have picked our team in the bottom of the Big East (with exception to NBC, Kenpom-33rd, and the Atlantic-46th / smart cookies!).  Our fanbase has generally bought into the “too young” and doom-n-gloom movements as well.  Many (media and fanbase) are talking a 7th – 9th place finish and some are “hoping” for a midpack 10/8 conference slate and sneaking into the dance.  Only a few of us have bucked that trend and stated that the Jays will finish top half of the conference.  I say we finish 2nd in the league.  I have picked Epperson as the PoY and Jefferson as Newcomer of the Year. (note: NBC 

While the bulk of the local yokels media is busy bashing the Jays slight, tangential connection to the FBI trial, looking for increased clickbait, Jon Nyatawa, our beat guy is putting out a series of good articles.  His most recent is on the four Sophomores of this team, the folks we will need to ride in order for success this season.  (I don’t subscribe to Omaha’s rag, so you’ll have to read it yourselves if needed.)  Jon also has a new “meet the team” spread.  Check it out.

As an aside, Mr. Nyatawa is a professional and puts out well readable articles and opinions.  Not being from the area his stuff is generally fair, objective, and non-biased.  He is quite knowledgable on the intricacies of basketball and his insights and opinions are valuable and welcomed.

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Four talented sophomores hold key to Creighton basketball exceeding expectations … 36e1e.html

Meet the 2018-19 Creighton men’s basketball team … e3b.html#1

Big East Outlook…

Seniors Cashaw and Joseph will be valuable contributors and provide senior leadership, while Juniors Krampelj and Mintz have the most returning experience and PT.  Our four Sophomores may well be the lynchpin upon which we rest the season.

Alexander, Ballock, and Epperson played significant roles and had decent playing time as backups to last season’s star players.  These guys along with transfer Damien Jefferson, who learned the system while doing his mandatory sit out, will be instrumental in providing the leadership, scoring, hustle, and unselfishness in which our success lies.  This quartet are smart, athletic, and team 1st guys,  In making the “sophomore leap” in effectiveness, scoring, and hustle, our 4 will become the glue of the overall team.  They are ready for shouldering the load for this team, as they have all worked quite hard during the offseason to get ready for their time in the spotlight.  I’m excited to see the fruits of all of their labors!

…and these guys below are ready to contribute to this years success as well!

Courtesy of Creighton Athletics

The season officially begins next Tuesday, 06Nov18, and the fellas have been workin it in practices, scrimmages, and exhibitions.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit,”

Creighton has a habit of winning.  The Program has consistently exceeded expectations.  I expect no less this season.  The team has a few cupcakes in Western Illinois, East Tennessee St, and Ohio St., as well as the field of the Caymans Classic to tune up and get ready for the grind.  Time to put it together on the court, for real!

This is one of, if not the most talented, deep, and athletic teams in Creighton history!  The fellas are ready to get to it.  Bring on the Season!  Go Big Blue…Let it Fly!

Courtesy: Creighton Athletics

Rise n Fly Jays.  Let’s ride this season to great heights and glories!

Go Big Blue!



Courtesy: Creighton Athletics