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If we can’t watch basketball on tv then make basketball happen where you’re at. #MarchMadness
Well, the Covid 19 Virus has brought the pain, shock, and awe to the whole world.  In the US it has systematically shut down society in waves of repercussions.  The sports world was shut down last week.  There is no end in sight.
In the interim several media outlets have released their versions of a simulated NCAA Basketball Tournament, including ESPN’s #TwitterTourney2020.  ESPN uses Lunardi’s last bracket (12Mar20) and an advanced simulation algorithm.  No indication of any team criteria used.
Now NCAA.com has started their version.
No Youtube playback for this one.  I’ve looked but cannot find the input criteria used for this simulation.  The initial blurb put out states:
Since the 2020 NCAA Tournament has been canceled, we have decided to simulate the 2020 NCAA Tournament using advanced statistical algorithms!
And then there is also Virtual March Madness 2020 @VirtualMM2020
That said, I have been following along, between sessions of Elite Dangerous, X4 Foundations, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.  Gotta do sumthin’ while housebound.
-Da Jays in ESPN Twitter Tourney 2020:
1st Round:  Jays over Ark LR 77-62
2nd Round:  Jays lose to Illinois.  2 & done.

-Virtual March Madness Sim  https://twitter.com/VirtualMM2020

Virtual March Madness
1st Round:   Jays over North Dakota St.
2nd Round:  Jays over Arizona State 83-80
Jays to SS.  Will matchup with surprising Belmont!
Sweet 16 Round:  Jays over Belmont 97-59
Jays will play Wiscy who upset #1 KU.
Elite 8 Round:  Jays v Wisconsin
Jays run ends 76-86 to Wisconsin in Elite Eight.
-Jays in 2020 NCAA Tournament Sim:
1st Round:  Jays over Arkansas Little Rock
2nd Round:  Jays over Illinois
Jays to the Sweet Sixteen!  Will match up with Michigan State on Tuesday.
SS Round:  Jays v Mich St.   Jays lose to MSU 76-78.   3 and out.
msu v cu
A Cassius Winston drive and dish to Xavier Tillman gives Michigan State the lead 78-76! Zegarowski’s full court heave falls short and MSU advances! Michigan State will play Louisville in the Elite 8!
Creighton has put out the Best Moments of 2019-20 Season bracket

Creighton Men’s Basketball



Best Creighton moments of the 2019-20 season.

We will have polls throughout the day during the upcoming weeks to decide the top moment of our season!

View image on Twitter
Other Sims:
Reddit Sims…  several different sims.  Incl. Virtual March Madness…
Youtube Sim

NBC’s 2020 Simulation

https://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com … -champion/

Dauster/Ommen Bracket/NCAA Game Sim.
Round by round.

1st Four: Texas stops Xavier in 1st Four.

1st Round action…
1st Round W’s – Butler-5E, Jays-2MW, SH-3S, & Marquette-10W
1 & done – Villanova-2E, Providence-7S.

East – Butler over Liberty, Nova falls to N.Kentucky.
MW – Mahoney hits buzzer-beater, CU survives.
South – The Hall rolls. Rutgers stops Prov.
West – Howard & Marquette roll over Arizona.

2nd Round…
Butler and Marquette advance to SS.
2 & done – Jays and Seton Hall.

Sweet Sixteen…
Both Butler and Marquette fall in SS.

Busting Brackets’ simulation (Brian Rauf/Harkins Bracket/College Hoops 2k8)
Jays out in South Region, 1st round upset to ND State.
https://bustingbrackets.com/2020/03/16/ … ournament/
CBS’ simulation (Palm Bracket/CBS Sportsline Projection Model simulator)
Jays out in Midwest Region, SS, losing to Duke.
https://www.cbssports.com/college-b…t … ournament/
SB Nation  Jays out in SS.  Fall to Mich. St.
…and then.  Here’s my favorite from ESPN’s Kyle Soppe (Sultan of Stats).  Kyle put out his bracket with a FF of Kansas, Creighton, Gonzaga, and San Diego State.  Then he topped it by predicting a KU vs CU final.
Luv it!
Courtesy – Kyle Soppe/ESPN
Courtesy: Creighton Athletics
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