Citizen Sleeper: Tabletop RPG

IMO the Best New Game of 2022

I’m breaking the rules today. Non hoops topic…

Here is a new digital Table Top Role Playing Game – Citizen Sleeper. I love this game.


I am Not paid nor sponsored by the developers.

You wake up in a scrap yard with the guy who ‘found you’. He offers you shelter, food, and a job. …And you’re off and running. Citizen Sleeper is a stylized table top rpg. The action and exploration is non-stop and sketchy (I died twice). You “roll the dice & you take your chances.”

You are a former human in sentient “Augmented Human” clothing. Very similar to ST Discovery’s Airiam ‘robot’. Not similar to a sentient Android…ST Lt Cdr Data.

You choose the type of character & work. You make your decisions. You ‘roll the dice’ and make choices. Thusly, you are determining your path and potential outcomes. The game plays out like a mystery novel or a Hercule Poirot murder mystery. It hooks you, then reels you in. The hours pass…

I love this game. Give it a look – see.


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