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Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 1:21 pm Post subject: Standing on the Recruiting sands: Where to Draw the Line?

Did you see the Parrish article (see link) – Recruit commits, recruit de-commits, recruit possibly recommits. Spoke specifically about a set of twins going to Memphis, but stated that (the problem?) is endemic.

What is your opinion on the state of Basketball Recruitment?

To what lengths should we go – to ‘get’ that recruit…?
What will be our standard for kids who waffle?
What is our current policy on kids who may get into a brush with the law, or drugs, other issues? Is their a limit to what we will do / others should do…in the quest for building and maintaining…the particular status and reputation of the respective school?

Parrish’s article spoke to some touchy points. Doing whatever it takes (anything to win-remain competitive) to get players. Pressure on the coaching staffs and Athletic Departments…by the backers, fans, media, experts – the “Just Win, Baby” crew (myself included). Where should We draw the line? Where is ‘too far’ in the pursuit of good-great players, in order to keep the hallowed traditions and streaks going? When do we say ‘Enough’?

We are not predatory, nor are most schools in trouble, but just looking down the road a piece. After we “Win it all” up the road aways, we’ll be in that bushel basket with all the other Elite Crabs…and we know how they behave.

Let’s hear it.