The New Hoops Season 2008-09: Business as Usual (or is it?)

Well folks. We had nearly a week of College Hoops before the Big Media announced the season in ESPN’s little hoops marathon yesterday. To hear the talking heads on the tube, all is well thus far in the season, with the notable exception of UK going 0-2 to start the year. No Ranked teams have been upset, although 2 ranked squads played each other yesterday (Oklahoma vs Davidson).

The above is technically correct, and as such, a bit misleading. Over on the Mid Majority site, Mr. Whelliston & company are keeping track of All the upsets – and there appear to be many so far this season. MM is tracking non-BCS over BCS regardless of whether or not ranked. The list is growing long.

We are only a week into the season, so it is a bit early to be talking trends. However, it will be interesting to see if the Davids continue besting the Goliaths over the nonconference season. If for no other reason than bragging rights. Perhaps this is the year the exception beats (and thereby proves) the rule.

Go Little Davids, Go.