Up or Out Saturday – Blue Letter Day in Jays Sports

06 Dec 2008

Blue Letter Day Doubleheader!

It’s Pearl Harbor Weekend in the USA. A big, big, commemorative Holiday in the US lexicon. A solemn day of reflection and solace – remembering a day of national remorse and sorrow.

But this weekend also holds promise…this Saturday, 6 Dec 2008, could also be remembered as a day of great rejoicing amongst the Creighton Bluejay faithful, a day of historic celebration. This Pearl Harbor Day Eve the Bluejays Men will participate in an historical double-header.

Firstly, at 1300 PM, the Soccer Bluejays will matchup in the NCAA Soccer Tournament with the Maryland Terrapins, at College Park, MD., in the Regional Quarterfinals match. The winner goes to the Division 1 Soccer Championships – the College Cup, in Dallas, TX. – deciding the NCAA Division 1 Soccer Champion.

Then, @ 1900, the Basketball Jays tilt with the St. Joseph’s Hawks @ the historic Palestra Coliseum, in Philadelphia, PA. This will be the eleventh time the Bluejays have played in this venerated hall, the Mecca of College Basketball. CU only has a 2-8 record at the Palestra, with its last win on 02/12/65 and last game played at the venue on 02/12/71, both games against LaSalle. What an historic day. What a grand day for the Bluejay faithful.

The Jays will find themselves labelled as the underdog for both contests – being the road team at both venues. But, have no fear, as the Creighton clubs are accustomed to being both road tested and an underestimated opponent. The Jays will prevail in both contests on this historic occasion, as is the custom and tradition of the Creighton Bluejays – They Rise to the level of the Challenge.




The Bluejays will win both contests as befitting their penchant for snatching victory and history in key moments. This is one such occasion. Let the record show, that on 06 Dec 2008, the Creighton University Bluejays logged two historic victories on the road to their greater athletics legacy. Let the record show that the Soccer Jays moved on to the 2008 NCAA Division 1 College Cup Soccer Championships, and that the Basketball Jays logged a big victory in their 11th historic visit and game at the hallowed halls of the Palestra Coliseum in Philadelphia. Let the record show that on this Pearl Harbor Weekend, 06 Dec 2008, The Creighton University Bluejays continued their legacy of greatness, here & now, at the dawn of the 21st Century’s Creighton Bluejay Era. Let the work begin.

May God Bless The Creighton University and God Bless America!

(…and on the 7th Day, He put on his Bluejays gear…and He rested!)

Note: Jays won @ Palestra 69-58 over St Joe’s, but lost a hard fought match @ Maryland 1-0. Congrats to B-ball Jays on an historic win at the Cathedral of College Basketball. Congrats to Coach Warming and our Soccer Jays on another Great Season this year and reaching the Elite Eight again in the NCAA Tourney. Great year guys.