Something Good, from Texas? Yes Martha… Booker Woodfox

BIG LOVE for Lil Taxesor is it the other way round?

The lyric from a country song comes to mind: “…all of my (0l’ Battle) axes live in Taxes, that’s why I live in Tennessee.” Everybody just loves Texas.

Don’cha just Love folks from Taxes too? Aren’t they usually just Grand? So friendly, accomodating, and humble. Right.

Texans by inbreeding are generally the most garrish, arrogant, and overbearing folk you never want to run into again. They are Loud, boastful, overly proud, bigheaded, bigmouthed, did I say arrogant, pigheaded, and conceited. They crave attention and go to any and all lengths to be the center of attention – you’ll know when a Texan arrives (loud auto horn-playing “The Eyes of Texas…”, Longhorn rack on top of grill). If a guy he’s the one in the 20-gallon cowboy hat, cowboy duds, a belt buckle the size of the halfcourt logo, and Ostrich boots – all in burnt Orange; and contrary to what he says – a whole bunch – the largest organ on him is his mouth. If a woman – she’s in bright red lipstick, platinum blonde hair, tight clothing over her engineered 44DD’s, with cowgirl boots – her “degree” from UT, was in “Husbandry”.

They erroneously equate size with everything – Largest contiguous state, cattle ranches, houses, cars, hats, belt buckles, boots, egos, heads, mouths, & feet. Someone deluded them into thinking they have the best barbeque (nope, belongs to KCMO) and that they have a birthright to sports championships. Yep, I’m getting there – slowly.

As in all things, there is the exception to the rule. In this case the exception is the “Pride of Lewisville”, TX. Our favorite guy with the name that needs no other. Mr. “You Light Up My Court”, the “Wizard of Qwestwood”, the Spandex King, 3D (as in 3 pter – deep), Mr. Fantastic, and any other descriptive phrases you can muster: Booker Woodfox

You’d never know Book was a Texan. He is quiet, unassuming, a bit shy until you get to know him, and doesn’t boast. His accent is not standard Texas, either. He dresses in the current youthful way, sans the cowboy hat & boots. He generally avoids the bright lights and deflects attention to others. His teammates say he is a jokester, but others would never know.

But when you put Booker on the basketball court – it’s like putting a fish in water – Whoa!…watch him go! He transforms…on the court he is automatic, a machine. Whether from 21ft or 35ft, squared up or off balance, wide open or with hands in his face – Swish: Woodfox for 3. The man is Money.

He is hitting his stride and has become consistently productive. Not only has he never seen a shot he didn’t like, but he is hitting them with regularity. AND he is playing within the teams’ system – he isn’t out hunting for his shot. Booker is beginning to get ink nationally from the print guys at ESPN, CHN,, Chicago Tribune, and Philly. The ink is both for his name and on-the-court prowess. Those who have had the occasion to see him have all been impressed, including the guy who said “lock up your wife/girlfriends”. He thinks Book is from another planet.

Creighton will continue to throw the Book at opponents this season as he is one of the primary weapons in the quiver, and when most folks have ‘money’ they like to show off a bit. Should he continue this level of production, Booker will steal some conference and national honors from more well known players. His play combined with the overall improved team play bodes well for the Bluejays this season. With the several weapons available on the team I expect the Jays to surprise the experts, the pundits, and the naysayers and make the desired deep run in the NCAA Tourney this season.

Booker, like Al Pacino’s character LtCol. Slade in the movie Scent of a Woman, is “just gettin’ warmed up.” Up the road this season, if in a tight contest with the game on the line – don’t be surprised to hear:

Woodfox, for 3! Whoa man, didya see that! He’s Money!