OSC Info

Jays make the 2009 Old Spice Classic Field
DisneyWorld Complex – The Milk House
Nov 2009

Link: http://www.oldspiceclassic.com/aboutosc.html

Talent Levels: Most to least.
Probable Seed ( )

Alabama – Loaded with tons of talented kids, fired coach. New system? (5)
Florida State – Top assortment of talent. Improving team play. (3)
Baylor – Very good talent levels, many TX kids. How are they doing it? Now, can they win? (2)
Xavier – Good talent, good system, experienced. Can win this tourney. (1)
Marquette – Good talent, lost 4 Srs and leaders. ’09 Class in Top 20. Steep learning curve. (4)
Creighton – Good talent, good system, experienced. Will have to play well to win tourney. (7)
Michigan – Good talent. Will need to play very well to win this tourney. (6)
Iona – Below average talent. Will have to have an excellent system, play very well, and get lucky – in order to compete with this group of teams. (8)

Late Entry Note/29 Jan 09.

Marquette will lose its’ 3 guard Sr led offense and a PF – the majority of its’ offense.
Michigan is quietly falling back in the Big -10, but good experience for next season.
Baylor and FSU are holding serve in their respective conferences and should be better
next season. Excellent talent.
Alabama lost Steele, then fired their coach. Excellent talent. New System-rebuilding next year?
“X” will be strong next season – as usual.
Iona…need to do some research… will be bottom tier at this event

Recast of potential pairings Best to worst ordering

Alabama Xavier Florida StBaylor


2nd Round: Alabama vs Xavier
2nd Round: Baylor vs Jays

Finals: Xavier vs Jays >>

Creighton wins the 2009 Old Spice Classic.