It’s February – Time to get to Work.

Good Afternoon All:

It is a warm, balmy February 1st here in the Beltway…A beautiful day here in Shirlington (Arlington, VA). Gonna go to Caribou’s in a minute to get a coffee and watch all of the pretty, young filly’s go by. But 1st – to the business at hand.

Sitting here watching 4 Weddings and a Funeral on the telly. Thoughts of marriage came flooding into consciousness (I generally walk about in unconscious, oblivious mode), and the thoughts of all of the ex-Mrs. gtmoes brought me back to the harsh realities of life in the US in 2009. I hereby vow to do all within my power to assist my Jays (married to CU by proxy) storm back onto the national viewscreen and the NCAA discussions, in earnest.

Now is the time for all good men, women, and brats…to roll up our collective sleeves, put on our hard hats, and do all we can within the confines of prudence, civility, and good character – to spur on the Bluejays to “Press On” with their best efforts to close out this season with a conference regular season championship. I also expect a great showing in the MVC Tourney, and a exceptional showing in the NCAAs. 1st things 1st – Win the Conference. Play hard & smart. Play for the team and each other. Play to win. Be Champions, again.

Is is common, becoming a Altman Era tradition, and is expected – for the Jays to perform their February “Creighton Run”. It is definitely ‘in order’ this season, to put to bed the roller coaster ride, as some have dubbed it, of the season thus far.

Let’s Go Blue. The best way to quiet naysayers, fair-weather fans, doubters, trolls, and the like, is to shore up the fortitude, trice up the grit & determination, and heave to with confidence and tenacity – Win.

Winning will put to rest all of the negative banter and critiques. Winning will help loyal fans bolster their pride and confidence. Winning will cause to media mice to scurry in finding ways to backpedal from their spurious, demeaning articles and their undermining inuendoes.

Winning will cure the seasons’ ails. Let’s go Blue! Winning will propel us to exceed our goals and surpass our expectations. Winning will find us, in March, where we want to be as a team, as a competitor – at the Dance.

Just Win, baby. Everything else will fall into its’ proper place. Win.