Well, It was a Short Bandwagon Ride, but the Rats have Jumped Ship.

08 March 09

Well, It was a Short Bandwagon Ride
Fortunately the engine didn’t die out, and my girl ain’t Sang yet!

It Ain’t Over…’Til it’s Over!
The prognosticators, experts, and pundits all gathered on the Bluejay Bandwagon last week. Only after ignoring us all year long. Many, if not most were probably hoping for a game such as the one the Jays had against ISU-Red on Saturday evening. An eleven game winning streak, improving RPI, Top 50/100 W totals, and all the rest. It was becoming increasingly difficult to continue to overlook Creighton. Now, thanks to the Jays finally having a subpar game, they can go back to ignoring us again.

Just as quickly as they had begun to lather praises, positive statements, pro NCAA bid opinions, and a few accolades last week – they just as quickly today tossed us back into the “not enough on their resume” to ‘warrant – deserve – earn’ an NCAA bid crab bin. The media is more fickle than even our notoriously fickle fanbase.

Creighton’s overall Body of Work is good, good enough to warrant inclusion into the NCAA Tourney. Fortunately, the Selection Cmte will look at everyone’s overall BOW in a no-name, nonbiased way. That being the case, the Jays will find themselves being the 2nd MVC team in the dance.

As I had recently said on other forums – I will not be happy with the seeding, but the Bluejays will get into the NCAA Tourney. I can live with that.

As an aside: No 26 game winner from a Top Ten conference has ever been left out of the NCAAs. The MVC is the rated the #9 conference thus far.

Don’t Get your Fruit of the Looms all wadded up –
Babygirl ain’t Singin’ ‘Til the 15th.

Those of you so quick to pull the trigger and toss my Bluejays on the dung heap…
Not So Fast there, Kemosabe. My girl, Babygirl (the Fat Girl) is still on lunchbreak…
She ain’t singing until 7 PM next Sunday.

Be back after Lunch

Keep the faith Bluejay Fandom. It ain’t over, until it’s Over. Piece O’ Cake.

– gtmoBlue