2009 NIT – 2nd Round: Go Get ’em Jays

Big Four Kentucky – Comes a callin’


Little Creighton – still lickin’ it’s wounds from the trouncing she took in the MVC Tourney.
Still hurtin’ over the snub of being left out of the current NCAA Tourney, after a stellar year.
Still smarting over the fatmouthing of the media talkin’ heads at CBS and ESPN.
Little Creighton – gets an opportunity to show ’em – to show that the experts were all wrong.

Playing in the stepchhild of post-season tourneys, the poster child of the forgotten, the NIT, Little Creighton will have the spotlight of the nation shined upon her on Monday night. The forelorn NIT has, by virtue of seedings, created a marquee David v Goliath matchup, when BIG FOUR Kentucky comes a visiting to Qwest Center Omaha. The Jays can’t get KU, UCLA, UNC, UK – or most any other Major to play home and home series, and many won’t play them 1 or 2 and done, but the NIT has made the improbable possible.

The NIT has presented an opportunity to potentially play both UK and maybe ND (should the Jays win Monday) on National TV without interruption. Without question it is an opportunity to relish, and to take advantage of. A win against a legendary, but faltering UK program would be a big boost to our rising program, and if followed up with a W over ND could be a boon to our program profile and recruiting efforts nationally.

Our time is Now, Bluejays. Our time is Now. Seize the opportunity – seize the day. This week can catapult the Bluejay basketball program into the limelight – potentially into the consciousness of the basketball nation. Rise to the occasion and make your mark – make a statement to the basketball world.

Let the pundits and the public know…that we are the Creighton Bluejays, and we are not going to skulk away…we are not going quietly into the good night. We Relish the opportunity to play a Big Four school – Anywhere – but especially at OUR HOUSE in a nationally televised game!

We too have a long history, proud legacy, & storied traditions. We stand on the shoulders of giants – HOF Coaches such as A. A. “Art” Schabinger & Eddie Hickey. Players such as Richard “Dick” Harvey, Bob Gibson, Paul Silas, Cyril Baptiste, Bob Portman, Benoit Benjamin, Bob Harstad, Rodney Buford, Kyle Korver, and others. We too have a long legacy of winning and championships. We are not timid, nor afraid.

We are the Creighton Bluejays and we’ve come to play – we’ve come to Win

In the Tradition of the Travelin’ Bluejays of Duce Belford, Subby Salerno, Tommy Thomsen, John J “Red” Mc Manus, Eddie Sutton, & Tom Apke: You gotta game? We’ll be there.

It’s Our time, Jays! Go – shock the world. Go get ’em – Beat ’em down.

Just Win, Baby.