Bluejays – Class of 2009

Creighton Bluejays
Class of 2009

Left to right:
Andrew Bock, PG, Rivals 4-star: 6′ 1″, 165
Greg Allen, PG/SG, Scout 2-star: 6′ 2″, 170 (added 5/15/09)
Darryl Ashford, SG/SF, Rivals 3-star: 6′ 4-5″, 180
Ethan Wragge, SF, Scout 3-star: 6′ 8″, 185
Wayne Runnels, SF/PF: 6′ 7″, 215
1 PF on campus this weekend – ?? 6′ 8-10″, 250+/ The ‘Mystery Recruit’

Well, well, well. The Jays go from famine to feast in a hurry over this late signing period. Many of the faithful, including yours truly, had been a bit concerned about the lack of information on prospective recruits, and on the seeming difficulties in continuing to attract quality players to the program.

There have been myriad questions, worries, and criticisms regarding our seeming inability to land legitimate (6′ 8″ and above) bigs. On the surface of things this class should put most, if not all, of the recent concerns to bed. The question of acquiring good size appears to have been answered.

As for the quality of this class, it probably ranks 3rd behind the storied Class of 2006 and the 2007 Class. Andrew had a stellar year and earned several awards & recognition. Rivals elevated him to Top 100 status and a 4 star rating. Ethan has been consistent all year after having a breakout spring and summer of 2008, earned Scout 3 star status. Both Wayne and Darryl received recognition for outstanding Juco play this season and were Juco All Americans. (Will had early Juco recognition out in the ACCAC this year, as a Frosh.)

Note: 21Apr09No confirmation has been given on the 5th recruit yet. No confirmation of who the weekend visitor was on campus, but folks continue to field new names of recent decommits, transferees, and of course, more guards.
Note: 15May09Added another guard, Greg Allen, to the mix as the 5th recruit. Still no inkling/sign of which ‘true’ big may be coming. Worry warts on the BJC are speculating that no big man will arrive until the 2010 Class. It ain’t over.

All are welcome additions to the team and will help bolster their given positions. All fill needed roles and will see court time in the Jays system.

All in all a great mix of experience, basketball savvy, and talent. A very good class indeed.