…And so it begins…

And so it begins…The 2009-10 College Basketball Season is upon us.

Finally! The 2009 College Hoops season is here. Hurrah! Last evening the Jays ran through the paces against an average Div II Missouri Western State University. Not a remarkable game, but a good stint to knock the rust off, to 3-in-1 oil the gears, to pump the clutch and brake a couple of times, before puttin’ the Bluejay Madness Machine in gear.

Some – like gtmo would jump on the fact the Jays ran up the score into the mid – 90’s. gtmo loves high scoring games. And the team also played defense – forcing 22 TOs.

Some – would denote the disparity in the rebounding totals. Perhaps they would be apt to scrap the entire team and start anew? I would only add that when you’re shooting over 50% for the game, there will not be many offensive rebbies, although that doesn’t excuse not competing for all rebounds. It will work itself out in practice and as the season progresses.

Some – others would say “it’s not a good test” for the team – playing the Weak Sisters of the Poor. It was an exhibition game – not a ‘test’ of anything, unless you’re SYRACUSE (heh, heh, heh.). Jays just lookin’ to do a couple of “dry runs” before headin’ up to Dayton. For what its’ worth, the game vs UNO will feature, a very good Div II squad in the Mavs, one that plays with a lot of passion, poise, and will be primed to follow the Le Moyne lead – in upsetting their crosstown Div I rival. (Can’t sleepwalk in this one vs the Mavs).

I will give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt…get a couple of games under your belt – even if they are only exhibition games, in order to better understand what the guys need to improve upon immediately before the season kicks in next week. Waiting until they arrive in Dayton to find out rough edges is not a good thing.

The Surprise of the game, in my humble opinion, was Ashford. The boy came out on fire – hitting like he’s been here for a year or two. Wow!
– Five guys in dbl figures – no surprise there.
– Five guys with around 20 mpg – no surprise there.
– DA playing everyone, including the waterboy – no surprise there.
– Heck, even my man Matty D got in the game…way to go Matt.

The 21st Rated Dayton Flyers will be primed (they also won fairly big last night – exhibition game vs Ferris State) and seeking to administer a little payback for the butt whuppin’ they took in Omaha last season. However, with the spate of guard injuries, guards slowly returning from injury, and off guards possibly being pressed into service at the point…Hmmmm – sounds like TO city. The Flyers shot well against Ferris – expected, and had their characteristic poor FT shooting and 23 TOs!

Expect Dayton to ‘try’ and run with the Jays…Bad move. The Flyers are generally a poor shooting squad, and are horrible at the line. They may well look like MWSU did last evening – if they can’t buy some buckets. I expect the Jays to Win, and win convincingly in Dayton. Main difference will come down to who hits at the FT line. Jays by 8-10.

Gonna Be a Great basketball season for the Creighton Bluejays. Buckle your seatbelts, lower your helmet visors, it’s gonna be a Real Blast of a rocket ride!

Luv Ya P’Allen – Be the Man!

Go Big Blue – Go Jays!