Re: Where are we as a program, and where are we going?
Many, many points – both good ones and not so. Too many to comment on, sooo
I’ll be brief.

Xavier/Zags– According to the US Govt Postsecondary Education agency (source of the Mid majority Red Line – Xavier spent $3,938,466 for the 2008 – 2009 year on Mens’ Basketball (and another 2.1 Mill on Women’s Basketball). X outspends us (we are approx $3.455 M/year) and as has been pointed out – they are in the middle of a regional basketball hotbed – recruits growing like corn.

Kyle Whelliston doesn’t count the Zags due to their large $ cable contracts.

I too am pissed, disheartened, and re-evaluating after this past weeks fiasco @ Disneyworld. However, I am with Boar…as it is too early to throw out the baby and the bathwater.
Let’s see how we finish.

I am shocked at the number of you who think we are not a better program now than say 8-10 years ago, shocked at how many would ‘can a coach’ as we are not enthralled with the current crop of underachieving players…shocked that many did not accept that the program had possibly plateaued. Some of you have been saying these things for some time.

I am not among that number. I still believe the program is getting better, perhaps not as rapidly as I or others would like, but getting better none-the-less. I am not in favor of canning any coaches…and in doing so sever the Cali, Texas, and possibly other pipes which have been opened in recent years.

I do not believe that a return to strictly recruiting on the regional level will afford us a similar level of recent success anymore. (I fondly remember the 70’s and early 80’s…Exciting basketball as the independent “Traveling Bluejays” and the triumphant return to the MVC…and the less successful Willis Reed Era as well. I fondly remember, but do not wish to return to those days…games were hard to get back then as well.) Mike Smith (Mizzou) and the 2 Tubbys (SMITH & Majerus) have succeeded in syphoning off much of the regional talent, along with increased poaching from the Left Coast community: Gonzaga, ASU, Santa Clara, BYU, and others.

On streaks – I love the streaks and hate to see them fall, but just as in soccer, nothing lasts forever. We have broken 2 or 3 already this young season, and I would hope to preserve some of the seasonal streaks. Time will tell. In all candor, I fully expect the team to get their stuff together and get going on a positive run.

I do have some concerns when our more experienced players are not contributing at a high level – whether due to their own idea/motivation or due to not wanting to be chastised, berated for ball hogging, not playing team ball, showboating. We could have used a bit of “stepping up” of some of our guys – to create some shots – to take a few shots – to create some offense (team total of 35 shot vs Iona is a crime – 50 to 55 is more like it in a normal game.)

Plateaued, perhaps…but this is an excellent time to tweak the system, to make adjustments to not only regain our footing, but to make some systemic adjustments to help the program break thru the glass ceiling. This little episode is an outstanding “Wake up Call”, a clarion call to arms, a shock to the system. I have my Blue-tainted optimism that this little scenario is just what the doctor ordered to shake the program up a bit, to give cause for all connected to get off their respective haunches, and recommit to building our basketball program to new and higher levels.

Keep the Faith, Bluejay Fans, stay the course.