Do, do; do-do-doooo, Jays gotta New Attitude!

Spring done sprung and hoops recruiting has been handled for 2011 (for the most part). Big Mac & his coaches are lookin’ ahead to the 2012 crop. The spring footie games have gone well and Coach Bolovich is groomin’ his troops for the fall campaign and the Jays Nat’l Championship run. Coach Servais and the Diamond Jays are kickin’ butt in Baseball.

All appears well! All is right in the Bluejay Universe.

This brings me to the topic at hand. Have we turned the proverbial corner in sports? Have We Arrived? Is the overall CU Sports program on the ramp-up to it’s greatest and most productive era? All of the earmarks appear to be present. We appear to be on the threshold of our best era as a Sports Program (and in a timely manner also, as the Basketball Centennial is merely 4 years away).

A new attitude has begun forming within our sporting teams…it appears to be a convincing them of the possibilities – (forged by a confident, agile, and committed AD and front office) of obtaining the best coaches, equipping them for success with funding, equipment, facilities, and Blessing – to become /to be the Best. To become examples of excellence and to be the standard-bearer for the so-called non-BCS schools.

We are rapidly becoming such a standard bearer and example. Folks may not be able to aspire to becoming Stanford or Ohio State, but they can more readily adjust, adapt, and strive to emulate Creighton’s successes.

Ras has built a powerhouse of a program here at CU. Now it is time for the Coaches to bring home the Gold. It is time to begin to reap the rewards of AD Rasmussen’s vision – that our Jays, our ‘Hilltoppers’ begin to perform as Champions, meeting and exceeding Ras’ expectations and vision. Now is the time for our Bluejays to herald in the greatest age in Creighton Sports – our Golden Era.

Women’s Basketball broke through for a NIT Title in 2004, and showed us that it can be done. We should expect that our programs will effectively compete and vie for MVC & NCAA Championships annually, in our Big 7 sports:

Women’s Basketball, Soccer, Softball, & Volleyball

Men’s Baseball, Basketball, & Soccer

We should expect no less of our charges and should do all we can to support their efforts.

It may just be another gtmo delusion, but do I detect the beginnings of a return to our historical Travelin’ Bluejay swagger? The firmly ensconced view of the McManus-Sutton-Apke independent era: “We’ll play Anyone: Anytime & any place”. Success breeds success. Our program has sustained success for well over a decade now – and it appears we are ready to elevate our success levels.

Some may say that my Kool-aid has been spiked…Hmmm. I am just a BELIEVER in Creighton Sports. I am just a dyed-in-the-wool Creightonian; who firmly believes that now is OUR TIME to shine. That we are entering the Creighton Bluejay Era of sporting excellence.

I shall continue to drink the Kool-aid.

Go Big Blue, Go Bluejays!


– gtmo