The White and Blue Review’s – Great Teams Series

The staff over at the has commenced with what may possibly be one of the most widely read and loved series in their 3 year history. The Great Teams in Creighton NCAA History features the 16 teams in Hilltopper’s history that have made the annual NCAA Basketball Tournament (the Dance).

The series notably will review the seasons’ of each of Creighton’s NCAA teams and the Jays Basketball legends of each team. Over the course of the series we will relive the play of the Best of Creighton Basketball in the NCAA Era. This is a great accomplishment and will chronicle most of the greatest teams and personalities in Creighton Basketball history.

This series is a very intriguing and enjoyable read thus far and is a definite Must Read for Creighton loyalists and basketball fans in general.

Congrats to the Publisher and staff of The White and Blue Review! Well done.