Overseas Jays are visiting…

Once a Jay…Always a Jay!

Hey everyone. Just looked at the stats on the map at the bottom of this site. Must be Jays Fans in the military, or with Overseas branches of US or Int’l companies, or otherwise living-traveling-camping out in Morocco, Germany, Japan, Egypt, and a bunch of other locales.

Welcome. I will endeavor to ‘get hot’ and begin to crank out some content. In the meantimes… there are several Creighton Sites and Midmajor sites available, see below or the links listing further down:

www.gocreighton.com Official site

plus the major sports sites are gettin’ on the Bluejay bandwagon this season…


The Soccer Jays are kickin’ butt, currently #3 Nationally.
The women are gearing up in Volleyball and Soccer.
The Men’s Basketball Jays are the pick by most, to win the MVC and Lindy’s has ’em at
#23 Nationally… I expect a couple of other polls to rank ’em as well.

So for the Jays Fans in the diaspora (I know the deal as I am a Mil retiree. Try and catch a Jays BB game in Bahrain). 🙂 Check in periodically as I shall kick the posts in gear and provide some banter, some ranting, and some good info for ya.

Whatever you’re doin’ and where ever you are…Keep the Faith, baby.
Once a Bluejay, Always a Bluejay!

Luv ya,