Rounding the Far Turn…

Rounding the Far Turn…at the Mid-season mark…
entering the Stretch Run.

Well here we are…at the midpoint of the conference season, and the Jays are 8-1
or 9-1 (now). Most had expected to be doing well at 7-2 or even 6-3. None had
predicted the absolutely marvellous level of success that Creighton has experienced
thus far this season. No one guessed they would become this good, this fast…
NOT EVEN gtmoBlue. Keep it going Bluejays.
CU is 19-2 / 9-1 in the MVC. They have amassed a nine game win streak since
losing the Valley opener to the defending champs – Missouri State. The Jays (along
with WSU) have opened a 3 game lead over the rest of the conference field. It appears
the championship of the MVC will go through Omaha this season.
All is well with the world.
Oh, right! And the Bluejays are ranked as well – in both the Coach’s and AP major polls.
The site recently posted an article by Matt Perrault on the youth of this
Jays squad. His point was that CU Coach Greg McDermott’s team is set up for sustained high level performance…
that this season is the beginning of a consistent high profile for this club.
On that point I concur wholeheartedly.
To that I add that it is about time.
For an OLD diehard fan such as I, I have waited YEARS for this time. Loving It!!
If I could do a cartwheel I would, as the Jays are finally embarking upon the elite level of play
that I and others have been hoping, praying, and predicting for – for years.
gtmo’s so-called “Creighton Era” in sports.
2011 has seen great play and competition from Creighton: Baseball, men’s and women’s Soccer,
Volleyball have all been competitive and have achieved good to great seasons.
The other sports are showing improvements. Now the CU hoopsters have their opportunity to shine,
and are making the most of this season.
It may seem presumptive to some, but I believe that CU has ‘arrived’, that we have in fact begun the Creighton Era.
The hardest work has been done: the preparations, the recruiting, the teaching and coaching,
the facilities and fiscal support – in all our major sports.
We are now seeing the benefits, the fruits- across the board, of all that hard work.
I am convinced that we will now witness the pinnacle of collegiate sports successes. I believe that we shall witness our Bluejays become Champions, NCAA Champions, in 2-3 sporting venues.
There is no doubt that my glasses are Blue, that I overindulge in the Creighton Kool-aid, and that I generally am too optimistic and over-the-top when it comes to Creighton Sports.
That being said, I expect the Jays to excel. I expect the Jays to exceed their Coach’s expectations, their own team expectations, and even our collective fan expectations.
I am fully convinced that our Bluejays will bring home Championships: exempt tourney championships, MVC Championships, and yes – National Championships!
My Jays, Our Jays can do this. Our Bluejays will do this. Represent Creighton Bluejays, represent. Be Champions.
Go Big Blue, Go Creighton!
PS: Jays vs Cancer game with Bradley – this Saturday.
Pink Uni’s (gtmo got Punked…and outbid on # 13)