Jays Hoops #5 in Attendance for 2014

Jays Peak as #5 in Attendance


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Creighton has hit it’s ceiling attendance ranking in 2014, by surpassing Indiana and inching up to the #5 spot in NCAA basketball attendance.  This record setting achievement is the culmination of the upward trend begun with the move to the Qwest Ctr (now the CenturyLink Center) in 2003.  The Jays may still exceed their record attendance totals, but will find themselves in the 5-8 range rankings-wise (at best) in any given year. Still, it is fantastic that our Bluejays have become a perennial top 10 program in attendance.

The top 4 teams all have the capacity to exceed 20k crowds and generally do. Of the top 4, only North Carolina has trended downward over the last 2 years – the others consistently average well over 20k annually. U Tennessee also has 20k capability and the remainder of the top 10 all have 17-18k capability.

2014 Ranking Order:
1 Syracuse               26K+
2 Kentucky              22K+
3 Louisville             21K+
4 North Carolina     18,025
5 Creighton             17,896

6 Indiana                 17,359
7 Wisconsin            17,104


A truly amazing and fantastic achievement by the Hilltoppers.  Best wishes for continued successes for Creighton’s athletic program.