Shout out to the fellas/folks in Iraq, the Middle East, and Europe

Hey folks…

Whether military or civil – good to see you checking in on the Jays.  I remember back in the day (DSS) getting up at 2 or 3 AM, to go watch a game (football, Super Bowl, basketball)  at ASU (SWA) in Bahrain.  What sports fans will do for their fix.  
The Jays will be on tap for 26 Reg Season games – mainly Fox Sports 1 (a couple on CBS).  AFRTS should pick up many of the games, plus Creighton has the online streaming via credit card…in the past the streaming quality has been average to poor – be forewarned.  I will be more consistent this season with a post per week.
Also plan to frequent the Jays page on FS1 online, as well as the 2 regular boards: ( is up but infrequent posts.
The boards above are the main places where the bulk of CU fans post.  Not so much use of team pages on the major media sites (Nbc, Cbs, ESPN, SI, Sport’g News).  
In case you haven’t noticed – I am definitely biased and a Homer, and proud of it!  Please continue to drop by for Jays related articles and news.  It’s gonna be a Great year for Creighton (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and the rest)!  Thanks for coming.
Fair Winds and Following Seas…
PS: LL from Liberia and Somalia – Always take all of your gear/equipment, get your shots/anti-malarials, expect the unexpected (something always goes wrong).

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