Bluejay Madness – 17 October 2014

The Season is Upon Us… 

Finally.  The 2014 basketball season is upon us.  Practices have begun in earnest.  Bluejay Madness is here.  A scrimmage – 26 Oct vs Iowa and a pre-season game – 07 Nov vs Sioux Falls have been scheduled.  Lastly, the season opener is set for 14 Nov 2014, vs Central Arkansas.  Twenty six (26) Jays games will be nationally televised – please refer to/download the schedule from .  

 Photo:  courtesy Creighton Athletics

Bluejay Madness will be part of Fox Sports1 basketball kickoff program (17 Oct 2014) again this season.  I asked the SID if it will also be online for those outside of the US. Yes, streaming video at

Key early tilts are:  

19 Nov – #19 Oklahoma – Omaha,
23 & 25 Nov – Emerald Coast Classic (ECC) – NC Central/E. Illinois – Omaha,  
28 Nov – Mississippi @ ECC, Florida,  
29 Nov – Cincinnati or Middle Tennessee @ ECC, Florida, 
03 Dec – @ Tulsa 
07 Dec – @ #21 Nebraska
13 Dec – St Mary’s, Cal.
Note:  St. Mary’s has a ton of now eligible transfers and while it may take time for this group to mesh, they are in the also receiving votes section of the polls.  They will be in the mix for bubble bids in March.  

Don’t miss Bluejay Madness – I am expecting (hoping for, praying for) a big surprise.  We shall see?  
Sports Illustrated cited Will and Devin as breakthrough scorers, Austin as a top assist guard for this season. 

On  the Chris Clarke front:  Chris Instagrammed this last Tuesday.