Big Week – Big Results

Jays crack the AP poll at 23rd – ARV in Coaches poll

                                                          Courtesy – Creighton Athletics

On the heels of a good week of basketball, Creighton found ítself joining the AP Top 25 this Monday.  Two convincing wins including the comeback over #18 Oklahoma were evidently sufficient to show the media pundits the error of their ways.  

Creighton garnered 9 votes (ARV) in the Coaches poll.

Jays and Providence receiving some love at the league message boards:

Surprisingly several Bluejay fans have offered apologies on Holyland, for the Jays ranking-stating the Jays either are not worthy, or are less worthy than others!  Utterly appalling and ridículous.

Amazingly our 2 main Creighton boards (BJ Underground and Creighton Rivals) appear to be downplaying, if not outright ignoring the AP ranking?  No stories or tópic lead-ins.  The OWH (local paper) had 1 paragraph on Creighton’s ranking in it’s online blog.



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