Big East Conference Basketball – 2015-16 Creighton Schedule

Creighton conference schedule – Breakout by thirds
All Photos Courtesy of Creighton Athletics

The Big East released the Conference Schedule yesterday.  GoCreighton has a PDF download as well.

I am breaking out the conference schedule in thirds. 
1 – December 31 thru 17 Jan 2016, 
2 – 23 January thru 9 February 2016.
3 – 13 February thru 5 March 2016.  
Personally, I really like this schedule.  No early fluff or BS.  Win and be a frontrunner – lose and be a tailgunner (as most have predicted).  By winning early the Bluejays will be in control of their own fate.  No need to rely on someone else losing or beating so and so for Creighton to move up.  TCB – by playing 1 game at a time, not believing the hype supporting the opposition, and playing smarter and harder than the opponent.  We have a new team, with new personnel…they have never had a January swoon – so I don’t expect them to have one this season.  Creighton’s depth will prove crucial as the season progresses and will win a few games that they would be expected to lose.  Offense wins games, but defense wins Championships.

First third of the conference schedule

@ St Johns  31 December 2015
Opening conference tip at Carnesecca.  St Johns attempts to get off on a good foot.  However, they got paired with the worst possible opponent to do so.  The Jays think they are back in Italy…hot off a great non-conference slate Creighton continues to roll.  CU’s offense is clicking and Thomas, Krampelj, and Coop play inspired defense.  The Johnnies – talented, but inexperienced overall, get trounced in their home opener.  Jays go to 1-0 in conference.  
Villanova  02 January 2016  

Long holiday weekend – a Saturday Night Live tilt at the Clink.  The Cats come in confident, believing their own hype.  As we know Nova doesn’t play defense, and the Jays historically only a bit better at D than them.  I look for a run and shoot game here.  Fortunately, that is CU’s game too.  The Bluejays, pumped playing a highly ranked team, in front of SRO home crowd, play the run n shoot better tonight. Milliken, IZ, Hegner, and Coop all join the scoring parade.  CU’s made FTs down the stretch widen the gap.  May get ranked in the top 25 after this win (if not already ranked).  Jays move to 2-0 in conference.  
Georgetown  05 January 2016  

JT3 is forewarned and forearmed irt Creighton after the Jays win over Villanova.  He will want to slow the game’s pace with typical JT3 physicality and his hacking defensive style of play.  The Jays oblige him with effective rotations of CU bigs.  GG, JP, and ZH all play good situational minutes and Krampelj has an early”career night” in relief of Hegner.  Hoya bigs (Copeland, Govan, and Derrickson) have to cope with a disruptive crowd and reduced time due to fouls.  DSR and Peak have good games but it is not enough as Mo Watson (Mo/Wop), Coop, and Milliken shred the Hoya defense for multiple assists and scoring.  Jays bust loose late to pull away for a dbl digit win over another Top 25 ranked conference foe and move to 3-0 in the conference.
Jays are the talk of the Big East and definitely move into the Top 25, if not already ranked.   
@ Seton Hall  09 January 2016  

A dessimated SH is basically a 1-man team this season.  A team which has already taken some lumps. The beatdowns continue as the Bluejays shutoff any support for Whitehead.  CU’s defense shuts down the Pirates support cast of characters – and the Jays win going away.  Creighton now 4-0 in conference play.  
Providence  12 January 2016  
Another 1-man team in Providence.  The 3rd home game in the 1st five conference games.  An undersized and mainly inexperienced Friar squad has begun conference play in a hole.  The hole gets deeper with a visit to the Clink.  Outmanned & outgunned, the Friars fight valiantly, but cannot keep pace with Creighton.  Dunn has his normal night, but he is the “Lone Ranger” as the Jays put a blanket on the rest of the Friars.  Jays 5-0 in Big East play.  
@ DePaul  17 January 2016  
Surprise, surprise.  DePaul is not in the cellar (yet).  They are repeating last year’s early conference performance.  A good game in Chitown, but the Bluejays depth wears the Blue Demons down.  Jays win by dbl digits.  CU 6-0 in Big East play.
Creighton begins the conference slate TCB’ing and lets the others beat up on each other.  Jays off to a hot start in conference play, sitting alone in 1st at the 1/3 mark.  No more sneaking up on folks now. CU puts on the leaders jersey (with the target on the back).  Now is the time to buckle up and bear down for the 2nd third of the BE Conference schedule.  The Bluejays continue to TCB and let the others play crabs in a barrel.  Play smarter and play harder to stay at the top.  
I may have to revise my ridiculous predictions upwards… gtmo