Breaking out the 2015-16 Big East Schedule

Git’s Take on the BE Conference – 2015 Schedule Breakout

All photos courtesy of Creighton Athletics

Step right up and take your chances…git’s 2015-16 Big East breakdown is here!
Just in case you missed it… I like this schedule.  Win early and run with the ball, or lose early and never catch up.  IMHO this 2015-16 season Creighton Men’s Hoops schedule is set up for the former. 
Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, and Villanova all stumble out of the gate…and Providence never recovers.  The Bluejays break cleanly from the line and run up a stretch of w’s early.  Butler and X also start hot, but by the 19th of January the Jays have an unblemished 6-0 conference record and a 2 game lead on the field.  The formula = Win at home and steal a few on the road.  It’s not rocket science.
Jays throttle back a bit during the middle stretch of the conference, 23 January thru 13 February. Georgetown, Marquette, and Villanova all surge strongly while both Butler and X play .500 ball during this period. The Jays maintain their lead on the field, going 5-2 during the middle stretch of the conference slate.  
Creighton falls into the .500 ball trap, going 3-2 down the stretch of 16 February thru 5 March 2016. Both Georgetown and Xavier come charging down the stretch run, but the Jays have enough cushion to eek out the Big East Regular Season Championship.  Jays go 14-4 in the conference slate, losing 4 on the road (at Georgetown, Marquette, Butler, and Xavier).

Depending upon the specific non conference schedules, the Big East still receives 5-6 NCAA Tourney bids.  Only the seeding changes.