A glance back… Now Onward.

Alas, Oh the Times…they are a changin’
Gotta go back sometimes…and touch the stones.
Know where you come from, in order to get to where you want to go.
I must have had a (another) brain lapse.  I went looking for some of the old sports sites I used to browse, back in the day (early to late 2000’s).  Alas, many of them are no more.  Chief among the missing is the Mid-Majority…Kyle Whelliston’s site.  The Mid-Majority was an institution over its’ 10 year run, being many things to the small, the obscure, and the underestimated conferences and universities that are the “other 26” conferences.  And possibly most well-known for his Articles on “The Red Line” in college basketball.  Mr. Whelliston closed down shop in March of 2014. 

“We’ve lost the precious feeling of scarcity. With everything so available everywhere anytime we want, and so easily replicable, anticipation and appreciation are the primary casualties. In digital 2014, there are so few remaining opportunities to have a tiny analog moment all your own, to discover something small, to place and protect it in your heart. Love carries with it an undercurrent of pain. Your beloved might disappear forever, so you must cherish it.”

“Our final act is to make ourselves scarce.”   –  Kyle Whelliston


Here is a link to one of his articles…  “You have to see the MVC in person.”
I miss Kyle.  I miss the Mid-Majority.  I miss the Missouri Valley Conference, and I am nostalgic irt our many historic past victories and glory. 

No, I do not wish to return, nor to regress, or to live in the past.  However, our history “is what it is” and I recognize the impacts and import of who we were, of who we have been, in the making of who we are today. 

In moving ahead in this latest Big East chapter of Creighton Basketball…let us not forget where we came from.  Let us not forget the history, tradition, and legacy that has helped shape Creighton (us) into who we are today.  Reach back every now and then – to touch our historic stones – to remind us of how we crossed over our Jordan.  Reach back and touch the stones to recharge our energies, whilst forging onward to new victories, new glorys, new achievements ahead. 
Love ya Creighton University.  Love ya Creighton Bluejays.  Let us recharge our energies while knowing that what lies ahead of us is greater than what we have left behind. 
Creighton’s Best…is yet to come! 
Let’s go Blue!