2017-18 Early Season CBE Tourney

According to CBS’ Jon Rothstein’s tweet, Creighton was announced as part of the field in the 2017 CBE Classic, at the Sprint Center, NABC College Basketball Experience, in Kansas City, Missouri.  Held during Thanksgiving Week annually.

Jon Rothstein
Jon Rothstein‏ @JonRothstein

UCLA, Creighton, Baylor, and Wisconsin will headline the 2017 CBE Classic, sources told @CBSSports. STORY:
UCLA, Baylor, Wisconsin and Creighton set to play in 2017 CBE Classic
Aug 29, 2016, 3:45 PM


Creighton has twice been invited previously to this event, back in 2002 & 2004, when it was the Guardian’s Classic.  The Jays beat Notre Dame in 2002 to win the event and beat Ohio State in 2004 to win the event a 2nd time.  The Jays are 8-0 overall all-time in the GC/CBE, one of a few undefeated teams in event history.

Re: 2017 Exempt tournaments
Postby gtmoBlue » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:10 pm
Good news irt Jays & the 2017 CBE tourney. The organizers had turned cold shoulders to Creighton since 2004. It’s a good little Thankgiving tourney. Should get approx 6-8K (or more?) of the faithful trekking to KCMO. Jays generally play well in Kansas City-won the Guardians / CBE both previous times they were in it, one of the few undefeated CBE overall winners. A good showing will boost 2018 recruiting.

All-Time Series – (Creighton Media Guide).
Creighton 3-1 vs Baylor
Creighton 2-1 vs UCLA
Creighton 1-1* vs Wisconsin       *Not incl the upcoming 2016 season game.

The 2017 CBE has the makings of an excellent early season tournament.


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