Bluenotes Short Riff – 14Dec16


What’s in a Name? 

A nice little sidebar is developing over on the White and Blue Review’s board – The Bluejay  One poster, OmahaGuy started a thread on finding a Backcourt Nickname for the Jays guards…

One (VJay) came up with WTF (Watson, Thomas, Foster). Another (Slaw) came up with MoFo (Maurice “Mo”, Foster “Fo”).

Then ol’ whiteandblue77 had a stroke of genius with this…

Photo Courtesy – whiteandblue77


Photo Courtesy – whiteand blue77

Has the makings of great shirts, caps, other paraphrenalia. – Creighton’s Bench crew

Same page… Shatel stated on The Bottom Line (TBL) video that if Creighton beats Villanova on NY Eve, the Jays will be mentioned as a FF contender.

Same page, different TBL video…Nyatawa balked when asked if Creighton rises to #1 with a win over Villanova. Nyatawa and Severe settled out at #4 or #5 in the polls.

However that presumes that CU will not already be 4th or 5th by the 31st of December.

Allow a nonbiased journalist lend an assist here.   Creighton, with probable wins over ORU, Arizona St, and Seton Hall upcoming – should be in the #4-#6 range with a bit of help by others losing, on the 31st of December.

If the Jays are in fact #4-#6 by the 31st, AND should they beat #1, undefeated, Villanova on New Years’ Eve…   Creighton will climb into the #1 spot in the AP and Coaches Polls!   …gtmoBlue

 Response to the OWH guys Nyatawa and Severe – The Bottom Line videocast

Jon & Mike’l…
I can understand your wanting to hedge and couch expectations with the CU MBB team. This is new territory for both you and the Jays. Comes with being a good team in a top conference. As you said the Bluejay profile has risen with the membership in the Big East.

This Jay team is for real. Get on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

Photo:  Omaha World Herald/Stephen Spillman


Recruiting – 7-Foot Transfer Walkon coming to the Hilltop. Adding CTR Sam-Dunkum-to-roster-next-month–footer-sam-dunkum-is-used-to-elite/article_df1e4164-c48b-5487-bb52-88615e4641b9.html

Former 2* (Rivals, Scout, Future 150, etc.) recruit out of N. Little Rock HS, Ark.  2x State Champs (7A).  Med RS last season and decided to transfer out of Lafayette College.  7′, 230-235 kid.  He’s mobile, aggressive, dunks, rebounds, and blocks shots…has a year to learn, add weight, and possibly earn a scholie.  Nice developmental player.