Coronation: New Big East King.

The King is Dead!

Saturday afternoon, on New Years’ Eve, whilst the vast majority of the unwashed, illiterate, and downtrodden football masses in the USA indulge in their favored tailgating fare – chicharrones, swill, & grog,  the good basketball folk (clean, educated, and upwardly mobile) will witness a true coronation.  A new King will be crowned in the Big East Conference.


Creighton University – New King of Big East Basketball


Now the season is young, as this is merely the 2nd conference game, but as in all coronations – the display is highly symbolic.  The commoners get to have a rare glimpse of the pomp and ceremony of the royal elite.  They will be honored to have witnessed the change of power in college basketball’s best conference, The Big East.


Courtesy: Creighton Athletics

The passing of the sceptre is normally done quietly with the passing of the old king (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Thailand).  In a few cases the elderly monarch retires. In some cases the leader is deposed by military coup (Fidel, banana republics, Indonesia), some via religious oligarchy (Shah of Iran), others by incursions of outside infidels (wars, Saddam Hussein), and occasionally by deposition of the reigning king by another of the royal family-usually a Crown Prince (CP) (Oman).  In most cases the outgoing monarch is swiftly carted off (with entourage, wives, kids, cars, jewels, and a healthy allowance) to Switzerland, Spain, or other destination of choice – for his “retirement”.  Folks in the US can equate/relate to the caretaking of a past President, only on a much grander scale than any elected leader receives.

Many would have thought that CP Georgetown or 3rd in succession Prince Marquette would ascend the throne.  Outliers hoped that common interlopers Butler or Xavier would pull a coup.  Others still hoped for a return to prominence and glory of St Johns or DePaul.  No this transfer of power is constrained within the royal elite lineage. Prince Creighton is worthy and highly capable of leading the Big East and college basketball.

Villanova, the “King” of the Big East has had a good reign.  Three (3)  regular season crowns (no BET Championships), multiple 30 win campaigns, a NCAA crown, and the adoration of hoards of basketball paparazzi and the general public.  However, the stars have realigned and favor has shifted away from the Wildcats.  Villanova has had it’s time in the sun.

Favor has now been bestowed on the mighty Bluejays of Creighton.  It’s a New Day – a New Era, the Creighton Era.  The time has come for a new king to bask in the light of glory. This coronation on Saturday is merely the 1st step of the new regime.  Long live the new Big East King, Creighton!



Long live Big East King, Creighton!