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This is why we do it!


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2008-09 Bluejays - Risin' to the Top  Gregory E 22

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This…is why we do it! Glory… Legacy… Tradition.  We do it cause we’ve always strived for greater, for glory, for honor.  Since 1878 Creighton has strived to be of distinction, of honor, and of champions.  It is no less today in 2017 than of decades past, no less today than to be champions of distinction, no less today than to represent Creighton as a university of exceptional merit.  Nothing beats being a Champion.  Champions never die, they live forever!  There is room in the record books for you.

Vince Lombardi stated:  Chase perfection and catch excellence.”

We are a great scholastic institution and we expect no less of our athletic teams and individuals.  Strive for perfection & exception, strive for excellence, strive for greatness – Today!  And should you reap conference, regional, and national acclaim along the way, so be it.

In Vinardi Gym the sign states – Accept the Challenge!

I say – Strive for greatness and when in doubt, Be Bold!  

We are still on the threshold of the 21st Century.  We are still new in this era.  Now is the time to set the bar high, to stake out new territory-new goals to reach.  Now is the dawn of new greatness.  Let us resolve to strive for perfection, to reach the unreachable star, to beat the unbeatable foe (our doubts and fears).  Let us set anew the quest to be the best we are able to be and in the process become Champions anew.

This is why we do it.  To attain the summit of lofty goals, to reset the table for new achievements, to redouble our efforts at greatness. We do it to honor our heroes: Past – Present – Future!  We do it to increase and multiply our great history, legacy, and traditions!

More Champions and Championships are coming our way.  Get Ready-Be Prepared.




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Photos: Creighton University, Adam Streur/WBR, Omaha World Herald, Bluenotes, UNM, WhiteandBlue77, Creighton.Rivals, others