Overture, turn the lights.  This is it, the night of nights.


…and Oh what heights we’ll hit. On with the show, This is it.


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Tis the season to be jolly…College Basketball season is upon us.

We’ve had our scrimmage and 2 exhibitions (thanks to the Red Cross).  The coaches have video from which to dissect, examine, and base corrections on.  Five days from now we get Yale at the CLink- the season begins.  Life is good.

Most of the 18-win crowd has chimed in lately on the boards.  that would leave us 18-13 (including the Bimidji St game).  Section202 and Jet915 have mild expectations.  Jaysker 12 thinks we’ll miss the tourney.  There appears to be more than a few optimists this season who are citing reasons for a better record,  although they didn’t specify numbers of wins/losses, etc.

Hunter thinks we exceed expectations by a lot.  HandDownManDown is stoking sunshine and JaysWinJaysWin thinks we will get in the dance off the bubble, but better than 19-13.

Suarez looks better than expected (and Padilla reminded us he (Manny) didn’t look so hot against better D1 talent (Minnesota)).  The Fake Blue Crew has nicknamed Manny “Mad Dog” and are using the MD 20/20 cheap wine as his logo.

So all in all it seems a normal start to the Jays season.


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IMO expect Creighton to start hot as is their normal M.O.  With 3 starters (Marcus, Khyri, and Toby) plus 6-7 veterans returning overall, the Jays will hit the ground running this season.  Much like last year they will be hot early and win their non-conference tourney.


CUring (1)
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The 1st six games…

HOF Classic:  Yale.  good team and hang for a half.  Jays pull away in the 2nd half.  Jays W  1-0

HOF Classic:  Alcorn St.  Outmatched and get blown out early.  CU  2-0

Gavit Game:  Northwestern @AllState Arena in Rosemont, IL.  They are believing their press clippings and are not as familiar with the Rosemont as they should be.  Jays win pulling away at the end.  CU  3-0

HOF Classic:  UCLA @KCMO.  Young Uclan team trying to figure out their personality and chemistry.  CU 4-0

HOF Classic:  Baylor @KCMO.  Lost a lot of scoring.  Good game, and Jays beat them with FTs.  CU  5-0

Jays win the HOF Classic.

SIU Edwardsville. Rout.  CU 6-0

Monday November 27th:  Jays enter the AP and Coaches Polls.


BECBs and WBRs Alex Sindelar’s Non-conference Preview


…more later.


PS:  Friendly reminder – I went 25-6/13-5 Big East for the Jays this regular season.   Loss at Gonzaga in non-conf.


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Courtesy Creighton Athletics