Champions: If not now…when?

If not now, when? 


Courtesy: Creighton Athletics


We are in the Creighton University Era of sports.  AD Rasmussen, with the blessing and help of four administrations, and an excellent staff, has built a model athletic program on the Hilltop.  The sports corridor is completed thanks to many generous donors and fans.  All that remains is to fill the new trophy cases.  Ah yes…the task at hand.  Championships – both conference and national.

If not now, when?

I have been spouting about the Creighton 
Era for several years and predicted our 1st NCAA Championship for 8 years ago, if I remember my outrageous predictions correctly.  My calculations were off.  That is not to say I was in error, merely early in my homer’s analysis.  The 2006 basketball recruiting class had many of the faithful pumped, myself included.

I submit that the our time is NOW! 
Everything required is in place:
University Administrative support,
a top flight AD, great coaches,
facilities, top student-athletes,
and a hungry and loyal fanbase.

The Creighton athletic program is primed with sustained successes in several sports.  I submit that our time is NOW! Everything required is in place: administrative support, a great AD and staff, excellent coaching across the board, facilities and support staffing, excellent student-athletes, and a hungry and loyal fanbase.

-1st know who we are. Read Creighton’s 
athletic history and see how you are part of a great chronology of achievement.
-Next, individually and collectively affirm the desire to achieve excellence in all our athletic endeavors – from Crew to Volleyball.
-Now it is time to resolve to do the work required, exceed previous performance ceilings, and exert the required determination, effort, heart, and the will to win – to indeed become Champions!
Champions at the conference level and nationally. 
If we are not willing to do the above, if we are willing to settle for less than conference and NCAA champions, if it is okay to settle for being less than the best (and the best we can be) – quit now.  Do not waste the time, effort, and resources. They can be used elsewhere on campus.
I am absolutely confident and convinced that Creighton will attain sports greatness. I believe that we will reach the summit of collegiate sports and achieve these goals Now!  Not in the sweet by and by, no doubts or fears.  But with a steadfast faith, a tireless work ethic, determination, heart, and an unyielding will to win.  Now!
Belief is power, belief is strength, and belief is a weapon.  Empires, dynasties, kingdoms, & countries have risen and fell behind belief.  In theology, politics, economics, sciences – the world as we know it has changed numerous times based on belief systems…this is merely sports.
If you have no beliefs, please use mine:  I believe in you!  I believe in Creighton and that her athletic teams will achieve greatness.
Courtesy: Creighton Athletics
Great goals-Worthy goals often appear difficult.  Easily achieved goals mean the bar was set too low. At Creighton the bar is always set high.  Bluejays are highly favored; championships are chasing us…and closing ground.
Visualize being the champions daily – breathe it, feel it, stretch it, walk around in it, live it…it’s real. Do you want it, want it bad enough, want it more than the competition? Then work like hell…to make it so.
Go forth Creighton, Fill the Championship Center’s new trophy cases.  We have a legacy and a tradition as winners, it is time to take our efforts to the “next level“. Whether Men’s or Women’s Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Crew, Golf, Cross Country, Softball, Rowing, or Baseball.

Now is our time – Be Champions!
Do it, Now.
Courtesy:  Statefansnation

“You can, if you think you can.” – Norman Vincent Peale.