Jays Mention in Adidas Trial

Courtesy: USDOJ-SDNY

In New York the 1st of several criminal trials involving shoe companies funneling money to college recruits, players, & families opened this week.  Defendants are Adidas executive James Gatto, Adidas consulant Merl Code, and former ASM associate/aspiring sports agent Christian Dawkins.


A few days ago (Oct 04, 2018) Brian Bowen Sr., Tugs’ dad, testified in NY court that Creighton was one of several schools that had offered money for Brian II (Tugs) to enroll and play basketball.  Bowen Sr also testified that he was informed of all of these offers by aspiring agent Christopher Dawkins (a former ASM “runner”- associate agent).  Dawkins was fired at ASM last spring and was handling all of the contacts and negotiations for Tugs recruitment.  The Bowens’ ultimately accepted a U of Louisville offer and Bowen II enrolled in the summer of 2017.

All of the offeree universities may be at risk of both federal and NCAA trouble if these alleged offers are proven.  There’s also the fact that the other allegations of actual completed payments are from Louisville, Kansas, NC State, among others.

According to NCAA rule 13.2.1, simply offering money, jobs or other inducements is an NCAA violation even if money doesn’t change hands. “An institution’s staff member or any representative of its athletics interests shall not be involved, directly or indirectly, in making arrangements for or giving or offering to give any financial aid or other benefits.”

The Hilltop has put out a series of statements…of their internal audits and finding no wrongdoings.  AD Rasmussen has also stated cooperation with any info requests.  Both the AD and Coach Mac deny any wrongdoing and spoke towards the programs values.

“Integrity is one of the guiding principles of coach Greg McDermott’s men’s basketball program, and the university is committed to upholding those values.”

To date, the Creighton University Athletics compliance office has not been contacted by the FBI or the NCAA.

Tim Krueger – From the Wizard of Oz we all remember the line “Toto we aren’t in Kansas anymore.” Well Jays’ fans, we aren’t in the Valley any more.  And of course while none of us want rule breaking or scandal, it does show that our recruiting has moved to a new level.

As Dan Wetzel said, “Creighton is now playing with the big boys.”

HDMD (Creighton fan) pointed out on one of the Creighton boards that some of the faithful (paraphrase) “are okay with this.  Possibly more than we would think.”

“IMO the Jays are a clean program and I seriously doubt that they would make an offer such as this.  It goes against everything we do as a program.” – James Harvey /gtmoBlue


As the trial is ongoing, with this one and 2 future trials, we shall do periodic updates on the proceedings.