Staccato: and so it Begins!

Happy New Year Folks!

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Courtesy-Creighton Athletics

Happy New Year to everyone!  Starting things off right…The Conference, on the road. New Year’s Eve at the Dunk…an ongoing new tradition.  And seeing Providence (evidently our league nemesis) and trying to put a W into the talley (8-15 overall, 3-7 since joining the league) and attempt to put a bit of “rival” into the rivalry.

Comin in from the fog
Courtesy- Creighton Athletics

To their credit the Friars and Ed are great hosts for the party, just on bit stingy on the game. Should be a great tilt. Prov has been off 10 days and hopefully a bit rusty, but more than enough time to prepare for the Jays. My line is that the Jays are “on” tonight and no amount of prep will help. Go Jays!

Courtesy: Providence College

Happy 2019 folks! May this year be your most prosperous one to date!



Jays take to the road for their 1st 2 games of the new year.  At Providence, then at Butler, before 2 (Marquette and Villanova) at home.  Should be a great opening gambit to lead off the Bie East season.

All the Best to you and yours in 2019.  For those of U in uniform…Keep the Faith, baby!

Shoutout to everyone in Hong Kong, SRoK, especially Kunsan, Bahrain, and the PI.  “When in doubt(s); Be Bold!”

Courtesy – Creighton Athletics