Last game: 1974 NCAA Midwest Regionals

Jays win the Lotto, draw KU in BE vs Big12 Challenge.



Some of us have looked forward to this game for Decades.

I’ve been a Bluejay since 1975 and waited for this from day 1.  Omaha to Lawrence, KS is 162.30 miles as the Bluejay flies, 206.75 miles by car.  Hell, the Pope, in his wildest dreams, couldn’t get 0l’ Roy or his successor – Wild Bill – to schedule a regular season game with Lil’ Creighton.  Thanks Big East.



Gotta check the old record book to see the last time these 2 teams met.  The All-Time series is 15 games, KU leads 9-6.

The last Jays win over KU was in the 1949-50 season, a 59-55 win in Omaha.  The final H&H was 1950-51/1951-52.  Jays lost in Lawrence on 4 December 50, KU 51-35. and on 10 December 51 (Omaha), a 65-47 KU win.  These games were Duce Belford vs Phog Allen.  Duce went 1-3 vs KU during his 6 year tenure on the Hilltop.  And finally, the last regular season matchup was Ted Owens vs Red McManus.  A 78-65 KU win in Lawrence on 12 December 68 (Sunflower Classic), Reds’ final season.

Last meeting was in the 1973-74 NCAA Midwest regional (Tulsa), a 55-54 KU win.  Owens over Sutton.   Yup, 45 years…just a wee bit overdue for another game.

Jays vs KU, by Era…
*Art Schabinger – 1922-1935 (165-66, .714) – posted a 2-3 record vs Allen and KU.
*Eddie Hickey – 1935-43 & 1946-47 (126-71, .640) – posted a 3-1 rec. vs Allen and KU.
*Duce Belford –  1945-46, 1947-52 (56-83, .403) – posted a 1-3 record vs Allen and KU.
*John J. “Red” McManus – 1959-69 (138-118, .539) – posted an 0-1 rec. vs Owens & KU.
*Eddie Sutton – 1969-74 (82-50, .621) – posted an 0-1 record vs Owens and KU.


Should be a fun matchup…and a good challenge for next season’s Bluejay team, as the Jayhawks don’t often lose at home.




Roll Damn Jays!