13th Annual – gtmo’s Ridiculously Predictable, (not so) Preposterous, Preseason Predictions- 20/21 Edition

It’s a Covid World and we’re just passin’ through.




It’s August 15th Ladies and Gents.  Time for my annual Creighton and Big East predictions.  I’d just like to congratulate you for making it through the pandemic (thus far) and I appreciate your taking the time to visit Bluenotes.  For those of you military folks (CONUS & overseas), govt service personnel, expats, and regular international Jays fans –  I see you in China, S Korea, Japan, Singapore, and other points across the globe. Thanks for checking in and as always Semper Fi!

For the 10-8/9-9 Crowd of Jays fans:  You had a great run.  But as in all things…they must end.  As you go the way of the dinosaurs, just know that we luv ya and will miss ya.

There is a little bit of change coming to Bluenotes in the months ahead.  Attempting to step into the 21st Century.  Should be a fun move – stay tuned.

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Stay safe folks.

Now it is well known that I am an eternal optimist.  It is also well known that I am addicted to winning, and as such wanted a coaching change.  IMHO Mac wasn’t winning enough these last 5 years and I and a few others were ranting for a change in HC.  It was no secret that I was pining for Thad Matta.  Obviously we were shouting into a hurricane and no one heard us.

It was also no secret the AD Bruce and evidently the CU Administration were happy with winning 20, placing 3rd in the BE, and making the Dance every other year.  After all they had already given Mac a multi-year (lifetime) extension previous to last season, and there were no indications that his seat was warm, let alone hot.

Winning and championships are what I am about.  Mac’s/Creighton’s sharing the Big East Regular Season Championship this past season put a damper on my complaining.  However, the proof is in the pudding, as winning 20 and making the dance are merely 2 of several annual milestones in determining a successful season.  Creighton winning the Big East championship and single digit season losses need to be done on more frequent basis than a once every 6-7 years basis (see: Villanova).  I have no desire to become a Seton Hall, Providence, Xavier, Oklahoma, TT, Purdue, Auburn, LSU, or Washington. A school where we “catch fire” every few years and suffer in between.

I was a bit less optimistic last season as the Jays had come off of a 2018-19 20w (18-13/9-9 rs) season and a NIT (2-1) bid – 20-15 campaign overall.  Even with the return of Ctr Jacob Epperson from injury, I was a bit cautious.  Therefore I lowered by expectations for the 2019-20 Creighton Campaign to a 23-8/13-5, 3rd place regular season finish for the Jays.  As such I was overjoyed with the teams performance and another late Creighton Run to claim a share of the regular season championship.  Even the realistic pragmatists in the Jays fanbase were Tysonian estatic.  The Covid-19 pandemic cut short the season, but with the injury to Marcus Zegarowski in the title match, post-season glory would have been shortlived.  All in all the 2019-20 Creighton Basketball campaign was a resounding success.

That synopsis brings us up to today.  It appears that Covid will continue to win over the USA by a large margin.  It’s:  Coronavirus 105 – USA 55.  Folks just don’t “get it” in that the pandemic doesn’t give a darn about your feelings of person freedoms, your “right” to do as you please, your individual liberties.  Our collective lack of diligence with regards to following health guidances has put the “return to normalcy” in jeopardy.  Do your part for the greater good for all: Wear a mask, conform with social distancing, frequent hand washing, and when a safe/effective vaccine finally arrives – get it.

With colleges and conferences cancelling fall sports outright or guardedly moving them to the Spring of 2021, it is a crapshoot that sports will return this year.  Many are cautiously projecting the winter sports start with the new year.  Let’s hope so.

The Big East and the B1G are in talks irt basketball in a “bubble”, mimicing the efforts of pro sports: basketball, hockey, and soccer.  We’re gonna potentially miss the Battle for Atlantis and a possible Duke tilt, gonna miss the Gavit game vs a B1G opponent, and the miss the BE/B12 matchup at Kansas.  Damn, those are some sweeeeet games to miss out on.  We shall see.

CBS’ Gary Parrish’s 11Aug20 article on college basketball – in a bubble.    College-basketball in a Bubble   The Athletic.com published a couple of basketball bubble articles on 12Aug20.  Now ESPN follows up with a Borzello  bubble piece-13Aug20.  ESPN/Rhossi Carron bubble plan  The NCAA will supposedly make some decision(s) come September.

As such my current iteration of predictions begin with Big East Conference play and no non-conference slate of games.  If the national situation changes – so will my predictions.  Let’s get to it.




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