CBS’ Top 68 teams…Nov. 2020

Slight miscalculation in omitting Creighton.

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Matt Norlander, CBS Sports did a bang up job in his annual rankings of the 357 teams and also in his Top 68 Teams since 1938-NCAA era listing. In general it is a comprehensive look at the overall landscape of college basketball.

However, I noted a slight error in that he omitted Creighton from his Top 68 listing. In reviewing his listing of criterion, I undertook to calculate the Jays standings, expecting them to fall outside of the range of the current Top 68. To my surprise, Creighton’s score is 382.1 – well within the range of the top 68, and would place the Bluejays at 59th position on the listing as it currently configured. Probably a calculation error in the midst of mountains of data being examined by the CBS team.

I have to think that with the glut of teams being evaluated, the sheer volume of numbers to crunch, and the variety of sources utilized, that such an error is within a standard deviation and expected. Both Matt Norlander and CBS are well known for being objective and fair.

Roll Jays!


Note: The Creighton/Celtics great, Paul Silas, is listed at RealGM as a 2nd Round pick. Many sources list Silas as a 1st Round pick. Creighton’s Media Guide list Silas as a 2nd Round pick, but #12 overall. If so, the Jays score would grow by 2 pts.