Pound for pound…the Best!

Coach Alan Huss – Top 10 Recruiter.

Ethan Miller photo

They think we’re still Lil’ Creighton…

The football five (FF) denizens swagger around, pockets flush with their football money…”We’re Kings of the World!” They play cutthroat with each other…Outright assault here, subterfuge there, all the while offering a handshake and a smile. When things go awry they fall back on poaching gems from so-called “lesser” programs to make up for their peer failures.

It seems the B1G is big on these tactics. Four years ago (2017) THE OSU tried poaching Greg McDermott as the replacement coach for retiring Thad Matta. It didn’t work, so they snagged young Chris Holtmann from Butler instead. The ACC’s Louisville reached into the BE for Xaviers’ Chris Mack in 2018 and did the same. It seems they think the Big East is a farm league for their enjoyment and recruitment. To some extent that sentiment is probably shared by the rest of the FF’ers. The Big East is not a FF farm system. According to annual seasonal statistics, in terms of basketball recruiting and in-season results, the BE is as good as any and better than most FF conferences.

So here we go again. This time around it’s the fightin’ Illini – fresh off losing their top 2 assistants to UK. Underwood and his cronies come sniffin’ around our Coach Alan Huss, who is currently making waves as one of the top recruiting coaches nationally. Huss is rated as the #7 best recruiter in the country this year. From the FF perspective he is fresh pickings for a school such as Illinois.

yeah… Great Position! Is Rome burning?

True to form the Illini back up a dump truck full of Dinars to shock & awe our coach, hoping the lure of mega-cash will outweigh the downside of working for Brad Underwood. Underwood has a history of being “difficult” to work for/with and more importantly also has a history of leaving a trail of fire, death, and destruction in his wake when he leaves a program. The rumor mill has it that one of his outgoing assistants was offered a cool million counteroffer to stay in Champaign-Urbana, but left anyways. That speaks volumes about the working conditions…money ain’t everything -even football five money!

Back out “somewhere in the Midwest”, ol’ Rass (CU AD Bruce Rassmussen) switched into scramble-mode, scurrying about consorting with deep-pocket donors, admin officials, and other stakeholders – attempting some valiant damage control. Given the reported sum of the UI offer (supposedly in the $750K region), a Herculean effort is in order. Huss has never sniffed such Dinar before and is supposed to be overwhelmed, elated by such a potential windfall, and fall on his knees in gratitude to the Great State of Illinois and their proxy…the U of I “farting Illini”. Not so Kemosabe, not so.

Coach and family love Omaha, especially his wife. Their kids are ensconced in local high schools here, about midway through. Coach is a Jays Alum, who played ball here and is an heir-apparent to the HC job on the Hilltop. The program has enjoyed an uptick of on-the-court success during his tenure and is on the precipice of greater glory, due to a leap in recent recruiting successes. Why leave? Why pick up and disrupt his family to go to Champaign-Urbana? Why go to a program with a history of issues, to work with a coach with a history of issues…a middlin’ major? Money ain’t everything.

Let’s git it…

Now is not the time to “Rise-n-Fly” coach. The Jays are on the precipice of glory thanks in part to all of your hard work and recruiting efforts.

Now is the time to “Stay-n-Play” – to see your efforts blossom and bear the fruit of greater glory: Conference Championships, NCAA runs and NCAA Deep Runs, and our fellas going off to the NBA and EU to play professionally. Stay and be a proud papa as your efforts transform and solidify Creighton as a perennial Top 20 program. Money ain’t everything.