Ryan Nembhard…Creighton’s Kasparov.

Master Strategist & Tactician as PG.

What we have here is a “once in a generation” college basketball player. However, in this particular one, Creighton has unearthed a master strategist and tactician. What we have here is a literal Field Marshall, a general amongst generals.

Ryan has always been the little brother, the youngest of the brood. The Nembhard brothers have been playing basketball practically since they learned to walk. He’s always had to prove himself amongst the older, stronger, & bigger competitors. Therefore, at a young age, he became the consummate thinker, a strategist. He had to develop both quickness of foot and intellect – to develop that quick burst, first step, and to out-think his opponents – in order to effectively compete against the giants.

He has developed into an elite strategist… He sees the entirety of the battlefield, and is always mapping scenarios. He is generally 2-3 steps ahead of his opponent. Ryan sees the Big Picture and can adapt and adjust his strategy as needed. He can deploy various tactics to distract, disrupt, and disorient the opponent. He capitalizes on what the enemy gives him or fails to take away from his plans. His field of vision and forward thinking allow him to strategically turn on a dime and change/adjust tactics on the fly. I initially thought of a creative genius, a DeBussy, a Miles Davis, or a Degas. However, Nembhard’s history shows us that he is more of a Patton, Kasparov, or Bobby Fischer in his creativity.

North Pole Hoops – 2017 Mixtape
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North Pole Hoops – Canadian Natl Invitational Tourney – 2018
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Comments from those who know him: from: https://bluenotes2.com/2020/06/07/more-on-the-jays-2021-commit-ryan-nembhard/

Ryan has drawn a lot of interest his play over this past year, with several schools in the mix. His play in last June’s FIBA U16 Championships opened the eyes of many of the experts. Nembhard followed that up with sterling play this year in helping Monteverde Academy to the #1 spot in High School ball.

With that, he’s drawn tons of college interest and offers. Many of whom would’ve taken him for either class but will now obviously accept the fact that he moved up one class.

Stanford, Seton Hall, USC, Arizona State, (Florida, Ohio State) are among those involved,” he said. Also mentioned some new programs involved which include Creighton, Gonzaga and Maryland.” – Jake Weingarten, StockRisers

“The 6-foot-1 guard is a quick and tough-nosed prospect at the point of attack that makes everyone around him better. He brings great composure and a pace for the game, and is more than capable of defending the opposing team’s best ballhandler.” – Corey Evans, Rivals

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Photo courtesy Team Canada

Claude Nembhard (Dad) discussed the decision. “I just think that he is mature enough and he is ready. He has been playing up and has never really played his age. He belongs in the 2021 class and academically, he is really good so there is no need in prolonging it,” he said.

“Ryan is one of the premier guards in America at both pushing the ball in transition and putting pressure on the ball-handler full court,” Montverde coach Kevin Boyle said. “He’s a great student and leader.”

I have been reviewing the games of the Monteverde Academy season. MVA couldn’t have won the National Championship without Ryan orchestrating/conducting the show. Ryan Nembhard puts the “ohhh” in go. He’s the turbojet of the F-22 Raptor. He’s the little engine that could. He does whatever it takes in the game, to win. He’s a proven Champion. I am excited as hell that Ryan chose to be a Creighton Bluejay. With a winner like Ryan running the show, even great expectations are low. I have stated for a decade or more that Creighton Basketball’s best days were ahead of us. Folks, I believe that we have now just entered the era of our best days.

Give Ryan the keys to the “Let it Fly” Ferrari…let’s roll!

Let It Fly

Let It Fly!

#Roll Damn Jays!