2021 Bluenotes Big East Basketball Preview

Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021

Today: The Bluenotes2.com 2021 Big East college basketball preview show. The season is drawing close and the panel gives us their takes on the upcoming NCAA campaigns. Join Mr.(s) Fanta, Freeman, Daley, Nyatawa, and Pepper in their fun preview of the upcoming college basketball season.

Get a headstart on the best season of college hoops ever with these pros and their seasoned perspectives. We take a look at the upcoming Big East season. Who’s ranked-who’s not. Who are the Top players, best teams, transfers, and frosh. How ’bout dem Johnnies! Will Xavier rebound? What about Butler? Outlook for Marquette & DePaul. Examine the conference pecking order, and of course how many Dance bids. Join in, watch and listen as the panel makes sense of it all.

WWW.holylandofhoops.com “The Vatican of Big East message boards”.

Watch and enjoy… Welcome to the 2021 College Basketball season.