Overture, turn the Lights. This is it, the Night of Nights…

On with the Show…This is It!

Image: Hanniel Alioha Pinterest/Warner Bros.

Ah yes, Fall is in the air. A crisp evening breeze, the leaves are a riot of colors, couples walking in the evening twilight. People musing while sipping a coffee or hot chocolate – watching the sunset at their fav spot. Halloween has past and folks gearing up for Turkeyday and all. We’re nearing the end of peak Crabbing Season in the Mid Atlantic and New England, but entering into peak Gumbo Season in Nawlins. Always a great time of year!

Parties of Bluejays chattering about, folks still snackin’ on residual Halloween candies, and a particular crowd is just warmin’ up. The smell of sweat is in the air, sneeks screechin’ on hardwood, balls bouncin’ on courts, and zebras on the march!

It’s Hoops Season y’all!

College Basketball officially kicks off tomorrow – 09Nov2021. “No more rehearsing and nursing the part…we know every part by heart!” The faithful have been milling about unsmartly since last March. It’s Always a chore to make the run through the offseason. Hallelujiah, we’ve weathered the storms-ran the gauntlet to another Basketball Season!

The big media talking heads and our very own Big East coaches have all made their prognostications and previews! With a very few exceptions they’re pickin’ the Jays 8th in the BEast and about mid 50’s-60’s nationally. The Sports bet community sees things a bit differently as they are sayin’ the Jays will finish 3rd-5th in the BEast. Palm & Lunardi don’t have CU dancin’ this season in their preseason brackets. Mac, on the other hand has had a tough time hiding his glee and exuberance during the preseason media days. Time will tell the tale.

Youse probably don’t remember, but back in August, ol’ git said that our Jays are gonna raise hell this season. I’ll stand pat with my predictions and the hand we were dealt! No rebuild, just reload and carry on.

Bluenotes August 15, 2021 Big East predictions

As a little treat for ya, here’s a clip of the Trotters – to the tune of “Sweet Georgia Brown” to warm your hearts’ cockles.

WBR Pregame Primer on Ark Pine Bluff: https://whiteandbluereview.com/pregame-primer-the-next-era-of-bluejay-hoops-tips-off-on-tuesday-against-uapb/

Tom Nemitz/Polyfro does his pregame primer on the Golden Eagles. New coach & a slew of new players/not much information @ APB as well.

The Season is Finally upon us. BRING IT!

#Roll Big East!


Let’s git it!