Early Season Update

Into Week 2 of the 2021-22 Season.

Big Ryan projected 3rd Team All-American Jays at the 2021 USVI Paradise Jam

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  5. Early Season Update

It’s only week 2, but it seems the season is in full swing. The MTEs are upon us already. Jays are in the USVI as of yesterday. Sun n Fun times indeed! See blog entry/podcast for the Paradise Jam – from earlier today.

Creighton Athletics…just another magic Thursday morning.

Jays roll to 3-0 on the early season. Won the 2 cupcake games at home and another on the road @Nebraska. PG Ryan Nembhard won the BEast Frosh o the Week award. Jays move on to the USVI Paradise Jam, where they draw the Brown Univ. Bears as their 1st Round opponent. 2nd Round is either Colorado State or Bradley. Paradise Jam games will be on ESPN3. See my previous post on the 2021 Paradise Jam- earlier today.

BE Frosh o the Week – Week 1

2021 Gavit Games


The Nebraska game doubled as our Gavit Games entry (in order to add one additional home tilt later this fall). The Big East currently leads the GG 4-2, with two remaining games. DePaul v Rutgers and Xavier v #18 TOSU, both are BE home games tonight, 18Nov21. Seton Hall upset #6 Michigan at Michigan. Marquette (home) upset #11 Illinois. Providence over Wisconsin at Wisconsin. Creighton over Nebraska at Nebraska.

Michigan State over Butler at Hinkle. Indiana over St Johns (by 2) in Bloomington. Both X and DePaul are at home. I look for X to win, giving the BEast a 5-3 split and the GG win. DePaul winning would be icing on the cake.

Overranked & Overhyped teams

Seems that both the B1G and ACC are overrated this season. Which is no surprise as that is the case most years. Both conferences are taking big hits this week and last. Expect all but Duke to take dives in the polls. However, it will take an Act of Congress to rid the polls of most of these teams, as they are frontend loaded by the pollsters in the preseason poll beauty contests. The AP writers are in love, while the coaches are late…it’s Thursday and their week 2 poll is still not posted.

Several ranked teams lost so far this week. Michigan/Illinois should experience a big drop along with Florida State, Oregon, and Maryland. Seton Hall, BYU, & Florida should move into the Top 25 after their convincing wins over Michigan/Oregon/Florida State respectively.

Still Early…

See me after the PJ and other MTEs. We will have a better handle on several of the teams to watch, as well as several of the ranked beauty contestants. Next week offers a clearer picture of what’s what and who’s who on the college hoops landscape.