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Moff Gideon filler


The Moff is da man. Not much is known about our mystery man, nor his plans.

I’ve come up with a short bio and his Empire Imperial history of assignments. Just for a starting point for the guesses and conjecture about our hero.

My humble opinion is that Elvis (Moff’s first name) is a Whill, from Jedah. He and Din Djarin are homeboys from the same planet, different generation. Therefore ol’ Moff Elvis is force-sensitive as well. That is why he was conscripted into Project Harvest.

He was picked up by the Empire at age 10, in a routine sweep in the Bormea System, back in 30 BBY. Gideon’s primary education was on Alderaan, then he was sent off to an Imperial Academy (see definitive guide to Moff G. below) Always the nerd, egghead, and smartass, Elvis excelled in school. Being slight of build he prided himself on his academics. After graduating from the Imp Academy he did his flight school at the Defiance Flight Training Institute, Imperial Cruiser Defiance – Flight Training – 15 BBY (12 mo). The last class under Commandant Pell Baylo.

Gideon’s career path has been unremarkable until the fall of the Empire. Now, in 10-11 ABY, with no one above him, his late career has blossomed into Grand Moff and beyond. His education and training has always been tangiental to historic events, but not actually in the midst; until his tenure at Mandalore. He is a contender for a rise to new emperor status, or at least a competitor with the fledgling Republic. Moff G. has 10 to 19 years to play with, as the First Order is yet a mere rumor until 21 ABY, and not a fact until 29 ABY.

PS: The Imperial military is/was organized by and work for the Moffs/Grand Moffs, not the other way around. So unless he goes rogue, Thrawn will be working for one of the remaining Imperial remnant Moffs/GrandMoffs.


Photo courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.